Burberry presented the new male and female collection at Makers House space in London. The runway, where models like Amber Witcomb and Tom Fool walked, was sprinkled by Henry Moore’s bronze sculptures, indeed the artist was the main inspiration source of the collection. Artist’s influence can be noticed in the shape, in the texture and in details crafted by hand, so vivid prints that recall his drawings. It is possible to purchase all the looks worn in occasion of the catwalk on the digital network, in the stores and in the Burberry partners, in correspondence with the second collection ”straight-to-consumer” of the brand. Makers House open its doors to visitors, offering the possibility of exploring the new collection and the inspiration that made the background unforgettable thanks to a unique exhibition, that gathers more than 40 artworks and sculpture by Moore. During the fashion show also a bag collection was dedicated both to men and to women.  The collection had been called DK88,as the internal code of the traditional honey gabardine that belongs only to this brand, the items present classic styles reinvented in the new Leather Trench that will be launched next May. The DK88 is an homage to the iconic fabric of Burberry story. While the show was going on, the British musician Anna Calvi performed live together with her group and with members of Heritage Orchestra & Choir the soundtrack of the catwalk from a balcony overlooking the scene.
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