Must-haves, or objects of desire, if you prefer, are those accessories, garments and design objects that we see each season on the runways or in shop windows, full of appeal and eye-catching for all respectable fashionistas. I have selected 15, or rather just over 15, must-haves for spring/summer 2017.
I confess, I’ve chosen them based on my own personal taste, selecting what struck me, what I would have wanted for myself, without any real rhyme or reason. Only when I finished I did notice that all my selections amounted to a desire for colour, positivity and entertainment. There is a need to smile and a certain sense of lightness. Perhaps in response to the times we are living in, I chose, unconsciously, to seek out humour and joie de vivre. I hope you will also enjoy my must-haves.


Green is Pantone’s 2017 Colour of the Year. Why not choose a few design objects in this shade? Starting with the “Birth On The Dancefloor” rug, knotted by hand in Nepal from Himalayan wool and silk by Marta Bagante and produced by the company cc-tapis. The enveloping armchair “Amburgo,” produced by Baxter and the stylish “Beetle Chair,” by the company GUBI designed by Gam Fratesi are both sold by Spotti in Milan. And if instead, you just can’t stay in the house, there’s the CS Bamboo bicycle, which you’ll find at Tokyobike, also in Milan.

At times the fashion world seems to take itself a little too seriously, while I tend to appreciate humour and irony, like that demonstrated by Andrea Pompilio who, in his Spring/Summer 2017 collection presents a sweatshirt with a very pointed question:   “Who the f… is Andrea Pompilio?” I want it now… and you?

In the spirit of travel, even when it is more urban than outdoor, the backpack has returned with full force. I like the Marni Soft Day Pack, which utilises a snap buckle top closure which allows you to carry it also as a handbag. I chose it in the Shutter print, with decisive graphic motifs that alternate red, grey and black, almost like a new modern camouflage.

They will be on everyone’s feet when the warm months arrive. A true must-have: Prada sandals with rubber soles, contrast bi-colour ribbon and rubber and fabric velcro.

Both are stars- the brand’s logo and its sinuous, sensual graphics all the way down to the sole, give me Bally SS17 slip-ons.

I like to support young designers, and among those is the noteworthy Matteo Lamandini. From his Spring/Summer 2017 collection I chose this striped dress, stripes being a sure-fire trend of the season, here which are mixed with a dash of eccentricity and the designer’s sporty/street style.

A studded leather jacket in spring? Of course! It’s perfect for the cooler evenings, like this one in suede by Antony Morato. And then, let’s face it, how much does it make us feel cool? A bit like Marlon in “The Wild One”, or like Nicholas Cage in “Wild at Heart”.

If I have to be in a three-piece suit, it might as well be light-hearted. Leo Colaciccio with his line LC23 often brings us inspiration from the world of comics, this time it’s Japan’s turn, with manga references and a printed robot the epitome of those we grew up with on TV.

Gucci‘s “Neo-Vintage” duffle bag collection is absolutely sensational, with hand-embellished fabric in coral snake and flower motifs, green-re-d-green web details with black leather handles and piping. For those who, like me, refuse to carry a classic office brief case.

Culture and fashion: a combination that I always find winning, which some designers express impressively well. An example is the HOMME PLISSÉ collection by Issey Miyake for S/S 2017, the Spring Series which draws inspiration from artistic currents Shunga and Ukiyo-e, which became widespread in Japanese society during the Edo period. The result is clothing for the contemporary man, comfortable and suitable for everyday, that reworks tailoring and traditional Japanese concepts.

Winner of the menswear edition of Who’s on Next 2015, Vittorio Branchizio is being said to be the new Italian talent to keep under the radar. His knitwear, high quality crafted, always leaves you astonished for the multi references approach to his design. Easy to fall in love with the new spring proposals, where the playful graphics mix and matches revisit the classic pinstripe suit also inspired by the artist Frank Stella.

I haven’t forgotten the (gentle)men dear to MANINTOWN. This spring he will be inseparable from this outerwear piece: the raincoat. And not to mention colour, this Canali double-breasted trench in 150s wool, worn over a wool-silk delavè suit, in a nice bright orange.

It’s not necessarily colourful, but this watch by Bulova definitely sparkles. A super elegant pocket watch for the modern dandy. Steel case and chain, with a Daipason logo, round face in silver with date stamp, analog 3 sphere quartz movement and waterproof up to thirty metres.


The family of aluminium lamps titled “Decomposé Light” by Di Artemide, designed by Atelier Oï, remind me of streamers. They are capable of animating the space with colour and their playful geometric forms, which interact with the light creating subtle shadows.

The double-breasted jacket has made a great comeback to the men’s wardrobe in recent seasons. We like a classic black version, but downplayed with a touch of romantic colour. This one by Christian Pellizzari will be perfect for any cool party on a late Spring evening.

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