G-SHOCK: MRG TONE HAMMER: a fine limited edition

The MR-G collection of G-SHOCK turns 20 and celebrates its anniversary with an exclusive limited edition in collaboration with Bihou Asano, third-generation Japanese master craftsman.

Using the traditional Japanese technique Tsuiki for metalworking, Casio has designed the new MRG Hammer Tone limited edition, with only three hundred clocks available worldwide.

Tsuiki is a technique through which a sheet of metal is hammered so becomes thinner, assuming a three-dimensional shape. Historically, this method has been used for the production of copper objects, metal containers, armor and helmets that were to be both thin and strong.

The last evolution of MRG-G1000 model, mix of “majesty” (majesty) and “reality” (reality), is the perfect union between the Kyoto crafts than 1200 years ago and the excellence of the MRG series.


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