Born in Cyprus and moved to London to study Public Relations, Matthew Zorpas launched “The Gentlemen Blogger” in 2012 to showcase his evolution towards becoming a modern gentleman. Second in the 2010 “Best Dressed Men” list of Esquire Uk and, more recently, crowned one of the top ten best dressed men on Instagram by British GQ, Matthew has collaborated for a lot of high level brands as creative consultant. Since two years ago he’s ambassador for IWC Schaffhausen and now he’s the new Nespresso Global Ambassador. His social contents promote his own personal style advices and share the experience he gained by traveling around the world, inspiring his followers. Today, he’s one of the most important web influencer globally.

Your definiton of influencer/blogger/ambassador. Would you call it a profession?
An entrepreneur, a creative multitasking individual. One who uses the internet to create moving and inspiring content for others, influencing his/her followers towards a new trajectory for living, purchasing and most importantly toward global view and understanding of the world. One that keeps you connected. For my generation especially, yes I will call it a profession.

How do you imagine the evolution of the social world and of your business?
My business will continue to evolve and adapt to new environments and circumstances. We (the influencers) transformed the fashion industry to a more democratic yet inspiring and immediate industry, yet many other sectors are still behind the digital revolution. The furniture industry, the art and the food and the hospitality industry will also need to be transformed to a more direct customer focused businesses.

In your opinion, which is the social (network) of the future?
Mediums and platforms will continue to appear and disappear. We are in need of more direct more intimate platforms which we are 100% in control of.

What are the negative sides of this job, if any?
Time. I spent a maximum of 48hrs at home every month in the last two years. I get to see so much, more stimulation than i can process, and meet a lot of people, maybe too many sometimes.

How much do you earn with this job? The numbers of your business if you may want to share are…Are you considering launching a brand?
We proudly overpassed half a million this year. We are a standing brand as we are at the moment.

How do you imagine your job to be when you will be old?
Same. I will still be creating content, but looking older and wiser.

How many of your advices are spontaneous and not sponsored?
With regards to my work, every post is sincere and at the same time sponsored. I get to experience and test every product, I get to be at every hotel that we review. We organically create content that is inspiring while we are promoting products and locations that we either were personally interested in or we believe our followers will.

What does it count the most? A beautiful picture or a good content?
Good content. With the power of photoshop you can create a beautiful picture but not the content. A beautiful picture can get a like, good content will inspire.

How many hours do you dedicate to the preparation of your look for posting it?
We usually have 2-3 hours preparation and 3-4 hours for the production of one single shot.

Which apps do you use to retouch your photos and how many retouches do you use to create the perfect picture?
We only use lightroom for light correction for the images. Nothing more, nothing less.

Which are the brands you love the most and why?
Brands that supported me from the very beginning and clearly understood my vision. My IWC family and partners for about two years now are definitely a favourite, our newest partner Nespresso for this organic fit and of course Hugo BOSS for their vision and direction. I like brands that fearless invest, see the return and continue to be side by side by our growth.

Favorite accessories brands?
Christys’ hats, Santoni shoes, Nikos Koulis jewels, Tom Ford bow ties and Prada bags.

Beauty tips for women and men who always want to look good?
Cleansing, toning and moisturising is just as important for men and for women. And don’t forget your eye cream, every morning and before bedtime.

The travel destinations of your lives? Your personal tips and reccomantations.
It has to be Brazil. 5 years after my first visit you will still find me there four times a year looking for peace and inspiration. The colours, the energy, the magic of this country is unreal and at the same time so different from what I’m familiar from my travels in Europe. Personally, I would pick a visit at Kenoa Resort in Barra de Sao Miguel. An eco-chic resort that won my soul.

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