Tie-Dye Is Spurring Hot Vibes Only For 2020 – (So You’re Welcome, DIY)

If your proclivity longs for a cool-meets-slick style renaissance, stop everything you’re doing: The tie-dye technique is a mainstay, so be prepared to embrace it.

Tie-dye was once the stuff of elementary school arts and crafts–DIY gifts bestowed upon parents and grandparents on special occasions. Then, it became a cure for middle school boredom–a photogenic (and budget-appropriate) backyard event for kids who preferred matching tees to friendly bracelets. Now, more than ever, it’s become a full-blown (and sworn) trend for Spring/Summer 2020. Indeed, tie-dye has peaked the helmed of this year’s most coveted trends, elevating fashion to a new status, already pervading our Instagram feeds and favourite retailers.

The 2020 tie-dye obsession began back in September (during the Spring/Summer 2020 catwalks), when R13, Prabal Gurung and Eckhaus Latta stormed tie-dye pieces at New York Fashion Week. Of course, these trend-frenzy items barely resembled their forefathers. 

With tie-due clothes from years past evoke images of the ‘60s and ‘70s–or to say the least, memories of haphazardly dumping colour-rich dye onto cheap T-shirts-contemporary tie-dye hybrids feel crisp and edgy. Once-distinct shades haven’t blended together to form new, compelling tones; they’re starkly separate, acting more as a print than a chromatic fusion.

The result? A dynamic, hot trend that feels clean but organic, bohemian but tailored, avant-garde but contemporary. The reinvention of tie-dye tells us a story of enormous juxtaposition: but juxtaposition that triumphs (decade after decade), that uplifts (one’s dreary style conundrum through tonal psychedelia), that works (if paired accurately), time and time again.

Tie-dye is too often linked to the puerile pleasure-seekers of Ken Kesey’s party bus. But as designer brands refuse to let go (case in point: Loewe’s SS20 iconic tie-dye collection), and as famous men of all shades further indulge, tie-dye isn’t solely for festival season. Though this 2020 fashion trend has been in the works throughout lockdown around the globe, it’s already trickled in many (big and small) fashion retailers. By shopping designers and budget-friendly staples, alike, you can get an incredibly power-tone glimpse at the perfect tie-dye composition (and serve-up the best off-duty looks in the process).

Dip your eye in the below gallery and get ready for a full immersion, assured you won’t sigh nor yawn. You’re welcome.


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