Instagram Introduces New Features To Deter Cyber-Scamming

After issuing Facebook’s Community Standards Enforcement Report, Instagram has launched a new series of features designed to deter cyber-spamming and offensive comments, progressing its fight against online bullying and harassment.

The first and most imperative feature comes with the platform now introducing a “mass delete” of comments option. Unlike the old method of deleting comments one by one, users will be given the option to delete up to 25 comments on each post, alongside choosing the accounts they want to restrict or fully block. 

The feature is designed to address the lack of effective e-traffic and to draw more traffic to accounts that have been affected by cyber-scams, as comments can inundate one’s post and have negative outputs overall. Along with this new feature, the platform has enabled people to pin their favourite posts at the top for people to read more easily. Lastly, Instagram will allow one to control which accounts can tag or mention you in either posts or stories. You’ll be provided with three categories to choose from: everyone, only people you follow, or everyone. 

Instagram’s New Food Service Features Drip In Choices

Instagram has recently updated its App with some new features that aid restaurants and food services amid Coronavirus crisis. Business accounts can now add stickers and buttons that allow users to order food and buy gift cards. 

One of the App’s latest updates lets users buy gift cards from a business. It’s an approach adopted to help organisations to boost their business, and customers will be able to shop with the funds once the shop doors reopen again.

Another feature is a sticker that allows users to order food directly to their door from the app itself. Stickers can be added to stories, and buttons to profiles. According to Instagram, the update was created with the intention of helping organisations facing hardship amid the pandemic: “Small businesses are an important part of our community, and many are facing immense challenges during the COVID‑19 crisis.

Today, we’re making it easier to discover gift cards, online food orders, and fundraisers on Instagram so you can support the businesses you love.”

Drake, The Weekend & J.Cole Video-Chatted an 11-Year-Old Fan Prior To His Death

Last week, The Weekend, Drake and J,Cole teamed up in video-chatting an 11-year-old fan, Elijah Patrick Williams, prior to his death caused by cancer, as reported by Billboard. The young boy’s cousin, Michael Watson II, confirmed the news via an Instagram post on Sunday March 29. 

Williams can be seen taking calls from J.Cole and The Weekend in the first video below and scroll through the gallery in the second post to see a snap of him talking to Drake.

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