Last year’s winner of Creative Circle Award, for the Best New Female Commercials Director, Vicky Lawton is a director, photographer, she works with Rankin as Creative Director, she shot numerous fashion films for Elie Saab and Chanel, just to name a few, and she realized music videos for influential artists including Dua Lipa. Here some curiosities about this talented and chameleonic artist.

You define yourself a “visual fanatic”. When did you know that visual arts would be your profession?
Ever since I started buying Vogue around 14years old and ripping out the pages to use as wallpaper. I then became really interested in both fashion and photography – making my own photo shoots in my bedroom and garden featuring my friends!

How did you meet Rankin?
I interned for Rankin during my second year at Kingston University studying Graphic Design and Photography. I had a 3 week internship, stayed in touch and they asked me to come back once I had completed my degree.

What are your major sources of inspirations?
I love love love – Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Meisel but I also really admire photographers like Cass Bird and Ellen Von Unworth who have such unique styles and approaches. I search through blogs, books, try to visit art galleries as much as I can – but my biggest inspiration is cinema.

As a fashion photographer, what is your relationship with fashion in your daily life?
Fashion for me is a perfect way to reflect my mood! Its also a chance to experiment – I’m a big fan of vintage clothing and I love visiting L.A to find some one-off, unusual pieces.

There are not so many famous female photographers and directors. Do you find that this is predominantly a man’s field?
Not any more!

Which social profiles do you find particularly interesting and why
I particularly love @celestebarber because fashion can be really funny

Which is your favorite social media?
My favourite has to be Instagram. It’s a chance to see new work, new ideas and put bunny ears on my selfie. What’s not to like?

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