At the cinema with Maurizio Lombardi

Whilst the Italian actor, Maurizio Lombardi, was born in Florence, it is not a simple task identifying him geographically because of a very international profile and a high demand from directors of the same caliber as Paolo Sorrentino.

From January 10th we will see him starring in “The New Pope”, alongside Jude Law and John Malkovich, as well as the third season of “Riviera” – all on SKY.

You are used to working with large productions, how was working on the new Pope Set?

I don’t want to use too pompous terms, but there is little to do, Paolo is truly a champion in all respects. It is astonishing how much control he has on the set, and more over the trust and esteem he places towards his team who is better oiled than a Swiss watch. He speaks very little and does not impose anything upon the actors, instead, it is as if he knows that whoever orbits him can do their job adequately and therefore further instruction would be superfluous.

How did Sorrentino choose you?

It is all thanks to Annamaria Sambucco, a phenomenal Italian casting director who has great taste and above all, is extremely prepared. She had already proposed me to Paolo for “The great beauty” but for unknown reasons, I was not chosen. Maybe because on that occasion I had been more concerned with interviewing him as I was so mesmerized and curious to know about him!

What evolution of your character we must expect?

I was surprised by my ambiguous character because he is a cardinal, but at the same time in love, and as we all know love can lead to dangerous borders. We will have to see if this love will lead to something or not, but I cannot reveal any more otherwise the viewers have too much information in their hands.

The third season of “Riviera” always on sky is also arriving, tell me something about this project.

I can tell you that it was an incredible personal and emotional journey since the shooting took place in Venice in parallel with the presentation of “The new pope” at the Venice Film Festival. Going from the red carpet with Sorrentino, and then being picked up by a taxi to shoot with another international cast inside a crazy palace in Venice, to then return to the Lido for interviews, made it really hard to stay calm. The beauty of it is that I didn’t know Riviera therefore it was fantastic to be amazed by the glamor and the fashion side of the series.

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