The (different) artistic horizons of Lorenzo de Moor

We reach Lorenzo de Moor by phone while he is in Iceland with a friend, on a van tour of this ‘extraterrestrial’ location, as he defines it.
Tuscan, or rather, from Prato but with a Dutch surname, he trained artistically in New York at the prestigious Stella Adler Academy, a pioneer of so-called method acting along with the famous Lee Strasberg and Sanford Meisner. We got to know him in the cult Rai1 series Pezzi unici, and recently, during the 17th Rome Film Festival, he presented his new film, Rapiniamo il duce.

Lorenzo de Moor
Total look N°21

You have a very elegant surname, where does it come from?

It is Dutch, my father is from the Netherlands (where he still lives), mum is Italian. I grew up in Tuscany, in Prato to be precise, a province from which I fled at the age of 18 to live in New York, where I stayed for four years, studying acting at Stella Adler’s academy, after which I moved to Rome.

Did you always know you wanted to be an actor?

I come from a family of actors, apart from my mother, who was a costume designer, my father, grandfather, uncle all did this job. Actually, it is not something I have ever particularly sought out, but I grew up in it and, perhaps, the desire grew with me. Around the age of fifteen, I was lucky enough to meet director Cristina Pezzoli, who passed away two years ago; I immediately started working with her in the theatre, she became a bit like a second mother. So, from being a ‘kid’ riding around on a Vespa, without any interest, I found myself falling in love with this world.

Rapiniamo il duce film
Total look Ferragamo

“From being a ‘kid’ riding around on a Vespa I found myself falling in love with this world”

When was the first moment of popularity, one when you realised you were doing your job well?

I first experienced popularity with the Rai series Pezzi unici, directed by Cinzia TH Torrini, set entirely in Florence, with which we reached a really big audience. In this regard, I have a funny memory, of when one day, walking together with another actress of the cast, we found ourselves submerged by people, we were not expecting it, not at all.

You have just presented Rapiniamo il duce at the Rome Film Festival, what can you tell us about it?

I play a character called ‘Achab’, who represents resistance in this archetype film, a bit comic-like, where we find ‘Isola’ (Pietro Castellitto) who instead is a thief, the one who during the war tries to get away with it, to get by without taking sides, because for him the most important thing is to survive. Then there are the fascists, with Filippo Timi, and the partisans, which I am apart, as my only scope is to free the country. Isola and Ahab want the same things after all, but for different reasons.

Your Instagram reveals other passions besides acting, would you like to talk about it?

Every now and then I like doing something crazy, for example getting on my motorbike and setting off, as I am doing these days touring Iceland – definitely one of my favorite destinations. Plus I was coming from a difficult sentimental period, I needed to move.
Another of my passion is drawing, I have always liked to tell a story through images using a pencil. Music is the newest one, I write lyrics for other artists and in the meantime, I try to create my own music project. I like to consider many different horizons in art.

Valentino collezione pink
Total look Valentino

“I like to consider many different horizons in art”

What makes you really happy?

Feeling an active part of a creative process.

And what makes you angry?

I get very angry over injustice, that’s probably the only thing that makes me be mean.

Lorenzo de Moor film
Total look MSGM

Lorenzo de Moor serie
Total look Paul Smith


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Andrea Dodero, villain for profession (but only on set)

Andrea Dodero is Genovese by birth but Roman by adoption, partly because his passion soon turned into a profession, leading him to live in the capital. As he himself admits, he did very little training, with the Centro sperimentale di cinematografia (Experimental Centre of Cinematography), which he desired and then left, as the gradually larger roles could not be reconciled with his studies.
The big visibility came with the Sky series Blocco 181, but soon enough we will see him alongside no other than Denzel Washington in The Equalizer 3 and then, in spring, in The Good Mothers on Disney+.

Andrea Dodero
Faux leather jacket Adelbel

So, you are from Genoa.

Yes, I spent my first nineteen years there, even though I am now based in Rome and occasionally move around, depending on where the set or production takes me. At the beginning I was a pastry chef, I must admit I didn’t like it, but it served to put money aside for what I wanted to do later on.

Blocco 181 attori
Jacket and pants KNT, vest Malo, sunglasses Kyme

You are very young but you have collected all important roles, how did you end up as an actor?

I actually did a lot of small roles before the big ones and getting to Block 181, which gave me popularity, I don’t know if you can actually call it a training ground. In any case, I have always experimented with acting, ever since I was a child. In the crazy period of adolescence I gave up, but at some point, chatting with a friend, I realised that I was unhappy being a pastry chef; after several auditions, I then entered the Experimental Centre, which I eventually only attended for a year and a half, then I started working and left.

“I found myself playing ‘bad’ characters who, however, were not stereotypical at all”

Lately so many actors come from Genoa, I don’t know, do they give you something special to eat?

I think it’s the dust of Italsider, I’m not sure (laughs, ed.), anyway yes, we are quite a lot. When I was a kid I attended an amateur school, it was a crossroad of interesting and passionate people who were our teachers; they passed on to us a great desire to turn acting into a profession, great names like Francesco Patanè, Riccardo Maria Manera and others came out of there.

Andrea Dodero series
Suit Antony Morato, sweater Avant Toi

You always play villain roles, how are you in reality?

I have to try to give myself an answer in that sense too, especially since they make me do very dark series, like Block 181, a crime, or even The Good Mothers, which are stories related to ‘ndrangheta, based on true events. I found myself playing ‘bad’ characters who, however, were not stereotypical at all.

Andrea Dodero social
Vest Davii, rings Diuma

I know you are on the Amalfi Coast, on the set of The Equalizer 3 with Denzel Washington, what can you tell us about that?

Well, right now I’m doing a real villain and I’m in Atrani. Denzel Washington is my favourite actor (I’m not just saying this, I confessed it in an interview a few months ago, is on paper), and here I am, acting with him; life can really surprise you, in incredible ways. I act partly in English, partly in Italian, although the thing that surprised me most was Denzel’s mastery of the Italian language; he has been on vacation to Italy with his wife for over thirty years.

“In The Good Mothers (a modern Lancelot) I’ll be a positive character”

In spring the highly expected The Good Mothers will be relased on Disney+, tell me about your character.

It will be the third Italian Disney+ series, directed by Julian Jarrold, who was also amongst the directors of The Crown. I will act in Calabrian, a dialect that I did not know, and I am sure it will be subtitled, as has already happened in productions such as Gomorra. I prepared for the part with a Calabrian friend who was coaching me, let’s say. This time I’ll be a positive character, the story revolves around a forbidden love between the boss’s henchman, and his daughter, a modern Lancelot. The story was taken from trial recordings and then fictionalised.

KNT brand
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Sean Teale, the “enemy” of Romeo and Juliet

I reach Sean Teale via Zoom because he is in Los Angeles, where Rosaline debuted at the El Capitan Theatre, in the heart of Hollywood, on October 6. It’s a production of the 20th Century Studio and “spin-off” of Romeo and Juliet, available from 14 October on Disney + and Hulu in other countries.

The enthusiasm around this project is really incredible, it assures two hours of real entertainment and twists, which these days are good for everyone. However, the boy, English with Venezuelan origins, does not stop: he just finished making a thriller mini-series for Netflix, of which he can’t yet reveal the name, which will be released in 2023.

Sean Teale 2022
Sean Teale (ph. by Nick Thompson)

Interview with Sean Teale

So how was Rosaline’s opening last night?

As you can hear from my hoarse voice, I enjoyed myself; I don’t smoke, I just laughed so much that my vocal cords left me. For me, however, it was an opportunity to review the entire cast of the film, with which I spent the best “summer camp” ever in Italy, and to celebrate together the work done. It’s a comedy and the response to the cinema was great, so we were really happy.

It’s sort of a spin-off of Romeo and Juliet, right?

Exactly, you can’t talk about the same story in the same way, that one of Rosaline is seen from a different angle. If Leonardo DiCaprio made “Romeo + Giulietta” with a Hawaiian shirt we dared a lot more than that, that’s it.

Tell me about Dario, your character in the movie.

Dario is really a fantastic guy, a highly decorated soldier who really does not want to be involved in history; in fact, when he arrives in Verona, he just wants to stay in peace after having sailed so much at sea, between Genoa and Venice. Maybe he also wants to find the love of his life but, one day, he meets Rosaline who is a real hurricane, ready to upset his plans.

Where did you shoot the film in Italy?

The funniest thing is that we haven’t been even one day in Verona, incredible, isn’t it? This is the real lie of cinema, it’s all an illusion, we shot between Rome, Viterbo and San Gimignano, all magnificent places but, unfortunately, never in the city where the novel takes place.

“I recharge when I am surrounded by people, listening to them, talking to them, and especially laughing together”

Romeo Juliet 2022 film
Sean Teale (ph. by Nick Thompson)

Did you learn a little Italian while you were in Italy?

A little yes, also because my father comes from Venezuela, he was born in Milan and now he lives in Paris, then I’ve always been in every context the one with Mediterranean somatic features. On the set everyone even hired me to book dinners, taxis, anything; let’s say I had to manage.

What was the most fun part of the shoot?

Looking now at how things went, I think it was the moment of the funniest scene of the film, shot for two days in a beautiful ancient monastery; we were really a lot of people, when the director or his assistant tried to call us to order we were like wild cats, indomitable. A truly crucial scene is where Romeo dies.

“I still have that sense of justice that leads me to fight whenever I see people in difficulty or who maybe need help”

Sean Teale
Sean Teale (ph. by Nick Thompson)

What makes you really happy in life?

To tell the truth I find that life is really complicated, between family, work, friends and the superstructures imposed on us by society, the film industry is certainly not among the easiest. Surely one thing I love is meeting new people. I need my moments of solitude, like everyone, but the reality is that I recharge when I am surrounded by people, listening to them, talking to them, and especially laughing together. Football makes me happy, too.

And, on the contrary, what makes you angry?

That’s simple, the football! As a boy I grew up with the idea of becoming a lawyer, then life led me to be an actor, but I still have that sense of justice that leads me to fight whenever I see people in difficulty or who maybe need help; injustice, in fact, makes me really angry. However, I was able to experience the thrill of playing the role of a lawyer in a TV series, very close to my dream of the past.

Rosaline film 2022
Sean Teale (ph. by Nick Thompson)


Talent Sean Teale

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From movies to music, a new debut for Sergio Ruggeri

Sergio Ruggeri is a handsome Roman and all-around artist that we have been able to appreciate as an actor in several TV series and movies. But now we are here to learn about the new side of Sergio, the more introspective side as a singer. He has always been passionate about music, and we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy this passion song after song: the first was “Testate”, then “Farmacie” and finally “Patatrac”, which are all part of an EP that will complete his album to be presented in the summer.

Sergio Ruggeri artist
Sweater MRZ, pants Versace Jeans Couture, sneakers Antonio Marras, earring Nove25

His attention and cinematographic care can especially be seen in the videos that accompany all three songs, where he tells us everything he feels and felt, digging deep into toxic relationships, narrating them and framing them in his own way.

Sergio Ruggeri songs
Shirt and leather pants Desa 1972, boots Bruno Bordese, jewelry Nove25

Sergio Ruggeri Farmacie
Total look Antonio Marras, earring Nove25

Sergio Ruggeri Baby
Total look Iceberg X Kailand O. Morris

Sergio Ruggeri ep
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A story of women’s empowerment, the new wave of Italian cinema: Maria Chiara Giannetta & Matilde Gioli

Dresses Giorgio Armani

Maria Chiara Giannetta and Matilde Gioli are two actresses at the peak of their career, standing out as two absolute stars of their shows in the 2021/2022 season.

Maria Chiara Giannetta style
Headpiece The Beatriz, dress Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

Maria Chiara Giannetta exceled in the role of Blanca, in the RAI 1 series of the same name that topped audience viewership numbers, closely followed by her co-hosting the Sanremo Festival with Amadeus on Friday evening, where her elegance and charm made her shine. She is currently busy shooting “Don Matteo“, where she’s again working with her ideal acting partner, Luca Argentero.

Maria Chiara Giannetta Blanca
Maria Chiara: jacket, shirt and skirt Dior, boots Bruno Bordese; Matilde: shirt, dress and rings Dior, boots Bruno Bordese

Matilde Gioli was the protagonist of the first two seasons of “Doc – Nelle tue mani”, another RAI1 TV drama which reached record-breaking numbers in viewership (more than 30% of the audience share on average per episode). She is currently at the cinema with the new comedy by Fausto Brizzi “Bla Bla Baby”. But we already knew all about her beauty, as well as her always-ready wit.

Matilde Gioli fashion
Maria Chiara: dress Gianluca Saitto; Matilde: dress Amen, shoes Le Silla

Maria Chiara Giannetta serie tv
Maria Chiara: headpiece Ilariusss, top and pants Etro, choker Casa Bruni Bossio, necklaces Barbara Biffoli, shoes Le Silla; Matilde: headpiece The Beatriz, bra Wolford, skirt and belt Michael Kors, ring Casa Bruni Bossio, shoes Mario Valentino

Two strong women discuss themselves, Northern and Southern Italy in its various nuances, always with the right dose of irony.
They are both united by a great passion for nature and horseback riding, a sport that they first got acquainted with precisely because of their acting.
Two women who are the true embodiment of female empowerment are the true embodiment of female empowerment.

Matilde Gioli film
Matilde: headpiece Ilariusss, dress Max Mara; Maria Chiara: headpiece Pasquale Bonfilio Hats, dress Max Mara


Talent Maria Chiara Giannetta & Matilde Gioli

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Opening image: dresses Giorgio Armani

Channing Tatum and his first time directing in “Dog”

We’ve seen and enjoyed Channing Tatum in many films, but surely no one has forgotten Magic Mike, which turned a rising actor into one of the most popular Hollywood stars.
Born in Alabama, he has been a model, dancer, film producer and now, for the very first time, director for his new film Dog, where he plays the leading role. He chose and approached this production because he has always felt a strong bond with dogs and, when his own dog passed away, he was offered the project. It was almost impossible not to get involved in the direction of the film.

Channing Tatum Dog
Channing Tatum in a scene of “Dog”

Interview with Channing Tatum

What do you think about the relationship between humans and dogs?

Dogs have a strong presence as they give you everything they have unconditionally and always stand by your side. We will probably never know if they have an idea of the future, how much and if they think about the past, however, every time the owner comes home it’s like the first time. It doesn’t seem to matter at all. I could go out for thirty minutes and then Cutie, my new little one, is like: “oh my goodness, you’re back”. 
I think dogs remind us that joy can always come over; as human beings, we focus way too much on the past and the future, but we can only really experience joy in the present. I think humans, in some ways, love them for that reason.

Channing Tatum film 2022

Tell us about the story of your road movie Dog.

What my character, Briggs, really needs is a recommendation, to make his captain call the diplomatic security company and vouch for him, saying he’s a good soldier. To achieve this aim, he takes Lulu with him on a road trip from the Pacific Northwest coast to the Mexican border. This operation won’t be quite easy, as if it were enough to put a dog in the car and just leave, well, it’s not exactly like that. Animals like these require a special treatment to say the least, so we’ll see them fighting all the time. However, if Briggs manages to accomplish his “mission”, taking Lulu to a funeral without collateral damages, then he will get the recommendation.

“The real challenge is convincing the dog that it is all a game”

Channing Tatum director

What are the similarities between your character and Lulu?

They are both quite “crazy”, indeed, they will definitely get along until they can’t do without one another. Dealing with two stubborn characters, always about to clam up and clash, is like having fuses ready to explode, in other words, they are a true powder keg that can blow up at any moment. There’s a moment when Briggs and Lulu grab a sort of stuffed unicorn, which wouldn’t stay still if one of them let go and anything could happen in an instant.
It’s really funny because they’re the same, the only difference is that one is a dog and the other is a man.

What’s the real challenge when acting with a dog?

There is a scene in the car when I’m driving really fast and Lulu basically goes crazy, so I open the door, yelling at her, almost aggressively, and that poor animal looks at me as if to wonder what I’ve done to make her yell, pulling her ears back. This broke my heart, because we are very good friends, really.
Each one of us on set had to reassure her and to confirm that we loved her. The real challenge is convincing the dog that it is all a game.

Opening image: Channing Tatum on the set of “Dog”

Tahar Rahim: a major talent of French cinema



Tahar Rahim is a French actor of Algerian origin. He is living a golden moment in his artistic career. He was recently nominated by the international press for a Golden Globe for his role in “The Mauritian”, a true story taken from the book “Guantanámo Diary”. He played in the movie with Jodie Foster. So he told us the emotion of being on set with an Oscar & Golden Globe winner. The film will be soon released also in Italy. On Netflix, he is at the top with “The Serpent”, a miniseries that talks about the daring adventures of Charles Sobhraj, a serial killer who operated in the ’70s in the golden triangle of drugs and crossroads of hippies.

His transformation to put himself in the shoes of the character is amazing and outstanding. 

How do you feel about being nominated for the Golden Globe as the best actor for “The Mauritian”, a movie with Jodie Foster?

Well, I am over the moon, it is incredible. If you are an actor of my generation and you grew up with her movies, it is almost a dream. I have vivid memories from when I went to the cinema to watch “Contact” or “The silence of the lambs”. She is a legend. I don’t deny that I was almost scared the first time I was in front of her. However, Jodie can make you feel so at ease and relaxed that you almost forget who she is. 

“The Mauritian” has not come out in Italy yet. Why do you suggest watching this movie? 

It is a very important story that needs to be told because it talks about freedom, harsh laws, and humanity. It is the story of a man imprisoned in Guantanámo Bay for 14 long years without even a charge against him. Mohamedou Ould Slah had been through a living hell in jail. When he got out of prison, he wanted to forgive everyone: that means achieving a level of forgiveness that goes beyond any imagination, a real demonstration of a pure and beautiful soul. 

How did you learn English? It is impeccable and without a French accent. 

The truth? I had to work very hard. I have always loved English since I was a child, but when they offered me the role of Ali Soufan in “The Looming Tower”, I knew I had to interpret an American citizen, so I knew I should make no mistakes, even small ones that would not convince the producers or the public. 

So, I practiced with a coach for four hours a day for three months. When I started shooting in New York, I requested a coach on set to be always 100% sure. Even now I have two lessons per week. 

Oliver Stone dedicated a post on Instagram to you and he pointed the finger at the Academy Awards for mentioning not even a category of your movie for the Oscars, meaning that probably it would not have been good publicity for the USA. 

Honestly, when I was told it, I could not believe that Mr. Stone had done a post about me and the movie. Of course, we can’t say that American cinema is not able to criticize its society, this is Oliver Stone’s vision. I am just finding out how things go in the USA. 

Did you already know the story of “The Serpent” before playing the lead role of the Netflix miniseries? It was not very well-known in Italy, probably because it is French. 

I knew it but not because it is French, none of my friends remembered it. But since I have two elder brothers, I found the book about the story of Charles Sobhraj in the bedroom and I was fascinated by the synopsis. I was 16 years old and I already wanted to be an actor. But at that time, I could not understand the real horror behind that man, yet I imagined playing that role. When I discovered that Benicio Del Toro was about to start the film shooting in 2001, I was disappointed, but then they did not do it anymore. Exactly 20 years later, I got an email from my agent saying that I would play the role of a serial killer and then I realized it was him. Life is incredible. It’s almost as if fate gave me this role. 

Do you think when cinemas reopen in France, people will buy tickets like before or will stay true to the streaming? 

There will be a good season since we are getting closer to summer and probably people want to stay outside, but if I can say it, we humans tend to forget things. When this is over, we will just want to go back to normal life, like going to the cinema. 

Curated by Francesca Romana Riggio

At the cinema with Maurizio Lombardi

Whilst the Italian actor, Maurizio Lombardi, was born in Florence, it is not a simple task identifying him geographically because of a very international profile and a high demand from directors of the same caliber as Paolo Sorrentino.

From January 10th we will see him starring in “The New Pope”, alongside Jude Law and John Malkovich, as well as the third season of “Riviera” – all on SKY.

You are used to working with large productions, how was working on the new Pope Set?

I don’t want to use too pompous terms, but there is little to do, Paolo is truly a champion in all respects. It is astonishing how much control he has on the set, and more over the trust and esteem he places towards his team who is better oiled than a Swiss watch. He speaks very little and does not impose anything upon the actors, instead, it is as if he knows that whoever orbits him can do their job adequately and therefore further instruction would be superfluous.

How did Sorrentino choose you?

It is all thanks to Annamaria Sambucco, a phenomenal Italian casting director who has great taste and above all, is extremely prepared. She had already proposed me to Paolo for “The great beauty” but for unknown reasons, I was not chosen. Maybe because on that occasion I had been more concerned with interviewing him as I was so mesmerized and curious to know about him!

What evolution of your character we must expect?

I was surprised by my ambiguous character because he is a cardinal, but at the same time in love, and as we all know love can lead to dangerous borders. We will have to see if this love will lead to something or not, but I cannot reveal any more otherwise the viewers have too much information in their hands.

The third season of “Riviera” always on sky is also arriving, tell me something about this project.

I can tell you that it was an incredible personal and emotional journey since the shooting took place in Venice in parallel with the presentation of “The new pope” at the Venice Film Festival. Going from the red carpet with Sorrentino, and then being picked up by a taxi to shoot with another international cast inside a crazy palace in Venice, to then return to the Lido for interviews, made it really hard to stay calm. The beauty of it is that I didn’t know Riviera therefore it was fantastic to be amazed by the glamor and the fashion side of the series.

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Getting married in Umbria: the best destinations

Umbria, with its castles, has fascinated for centuries: nobles, intellectuals and of course tourists from all over the world. Writers of old Europe found refuge to be able to enjoy peace, serenity and creativity to write new pages of literature.

Among these, Lord Byron, the English romantic poet, known for his adventurous and stormy love life, undertook a long journey in Italy in 1816. It was above all the landscape of Umbria, the green heart of the country that caught his attention. Wonders like Lake Trasimeno, the Clitunno springs and the Marmore waterfalls enchanted his senses and captivated his imagination.

Now, in addition to the traditional cuisine and their black truffle, of which they are the undisputed homeland, they are also the enchanting locations with their esteemed estates. Among these, we can see the Petrata Castle, an ancient fortress of the XIV century. expertly restored, with a unique view of Assisi and Perugia.

The enchanting village of Castello di Gallano, where the fun cooking classes are set, allowing you to learn how to make delicious potato gnocchi according to the castle’s secret recipe. The Tenuta di San Masseo, immersed in a park of 20,000 square meters that integrates beautiful art and design elements.

A unique and exclusive environment in which enjoy an incredible view, the magical scenery of the city of Assisi within an oasis of absolute spiritual relaxation, in direct contact with nature and the territory. And finally, the twelfth-century Castle of Ramazzano, restored several times over the centuries, offers various frescoed rooms and preserves a precious wall development, Guelph crenelated with a square tower.

The property belongs to an Apulian DOC family, which retains all the essence of the territory and adds Umbrian-Apulian cuisine commanded by Ms. Angela Aliani, Americans are at home here. In short, all these are the real new “wedding destinations” of luxury that bring customers from all over the world, and this is well known by Daniela Corti, in fact, with the new edition of “The Italian Wedding Stars” to be held on the 29th November in Rome she will also award the location.

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