The female figure of the Buddha, an expression of wisdom, Cittamani is a word loaded with meaning that gives its name to one of Milan‘s landmark restaurants for Indian cuisine, suggesting a place of culinary harmony and enlightenment. A gastronomic temple, Cittamani, a crossroads that blends the culinary richness of modern India with that of contemporary Italy, with evocations and references to international flavors, strongly reflects the spirit of its founder Ritu Dalmia. A world-renowned chef with innovative talent, Cittamani is the summa of her professional journey, during which she has been able to interpret the international languages of cuisine and blend them harmoniously with the roots of Indian tradition. Her experiences in the various countries where she has worked converge here, devoting herself to exploring and appreciating the different nuances of cosmopolitan cuisine.

Cittamani, the landmark of Indian cuisine in Milan by Ritu Dalmia

Located in the heart of the historic Brera district inside a twentieth-century building, Cittamani is an elegant, design-driven restaurant where fine materials such as brass, marble, sucupira, and then leather and mirrors blend harmoniously with the complements and to the furniture handcrafted in India. Characterized by an elegant and refined interior, but at the same time warm and welcoming that, thanks to the large windows, opens to the outside creating a continuum with the city that hosts it and with which it has a strong bond. In fact, Milan is the place chosen by Ritu Dalmia to launch her first European adventure (the chef already runs in Delhi the Diva Italian restaurant, The Cafe at ICC, Latitude 28 and another Café Diva inside the Sangam Mall in New Delhi).

Chef Ritu Dalmia, founder of the restaurant Cittamani
Chef Ritu Dalmia, founder of the restaurant Cittamani

What led her to this venture was her great love for the Bel Paese, coupled with a deep knowledge of the gastronomic specialties of our land, which gave her an intuition: to offer Italians a never-before-seen view of India’s millenary culinary tradition with a privileged perspective, through the eyes of the forward-thinking chef. The restaurant project, which fits perfectly into a changing and ever-changing city context, took shape thanks to support in the South African company Leeu Collection and its founder, Indian-born entrepreneur Mr. Analjit Singh, who immediately believed in Dalmia’s intuition.

One of Cittamani restaurant's culinary creations
One of Cittamani restaurant’s culinary creations

The menu of Cittamani Indian restaurant between culture and innovation

Cittamani’s menu offers authentic, home-style Indian cuisine with delicate flavors, in which spices are used as tradition dictates, but in a measured manner so as to satisfy local tastes. The culinary proposal draws heavily on Indian gastronomic culture, particularly its ancient vegetarian tradition, resulting in a modern and balanced cuisine, with inspirations from typical regional dishes of the Peninsula. Not surprisingly, the ingredients used are mostly from Italy, personally selected by Ritu Dalmia during her extensive travels, during which she came into contact with small local producers. Ça va sans dire, “Not the spices”, says the celebrity chef, who assures, “those come strictly from India”.

The wine list has about sixty labels of which seventy percent are Italian. The central theme of Cittamani’s food and wine offerings is the concept of sharing: it is possible to choose from a wide variety of dishes in both small and large versions, so as to taste, experience and, indeed, share a varied and multisensory experience, in which the scents and flavors of India mingle with those familiar to us.

Interview with chef Bishnu Prasad Dhakal, who leads the Indian restaurant Cittamani

Cittamani’s multi-ethnic and highly skilled team consists of more than ten professionals with international work backgrounds. Leading the kitchen at Ritu Dalmia’s restaurant is Chef Bishnu Prasad Dhakal originally from Nepal. A professional with a culinary background in hospitality, the chef had the opportunity to train under Dalmia starting in 2004 at Diva Restaurants. In his journey, he has undertaken several significant experiences in India and abroad, which have allowed him to broaden his horizons by drawing from different culinary backgrounds and further deepening his passion for the art of food.

«Cittamani’s culinary philosophy revolves around a harmonious balance of flavors, respecting the integrity of each ingredient»

You are originally from Nuwakot, a village in Nepal. Today you are a renowned chef with an international culinary background. How has your culinary journey evolved from your beginnings and how do your country’s culinary traditions and culture come alive in your dishes?

My culinary journey has been a fascinating evolution from my roots in Nuwakot, Nepal. I draw inspiration from the rich traditions and food culture of my homeland, infusing them into my dishes to create a unique blend of flavors that reflect my heritage.

What is Cittamani’s culinary philosophy and how is it reflected in your culinary offerings?

Cittamani’s culinary philosophy revolves around a harmonious balance of flavors, respecting the integrity of each ingredient. This philosophy is evident in our dishes, in which we strive to offer a sensory experience that transcends cultural boundaries.

«Balancing Indian regional traditions with local Italian flavors at Cittamani is an art»

Cittamani is known for its regional variety of Indian dishes. How do you balance regional tradition with adaptation to local tastes? What is your approach in integrating local Italian ingredients without compromising the authenticity of Indian dishes?

Balancing regional Indian traditions with local Italian flavors at Cittamani is an art. We carefully integrate local Italian ingredients without compromising the authenticity of our Indian dishes. It is a delicate process that involves understanding the essence of both culinary worlds.

What ingredients and spices do you consider key to create high-quality Indian dishes? What are the key ingredients that define your cuisine and how do you select them?

Key ingredients and spices play a vital role in the preparation of high-quality Indian dishes. At Cittamani we prioritize ingredients such as aromatic spices, fresh herbs and quality proteins, carefully selected to define the unique character of our cuisine.

«Cittamani is committed to sustainability, which is reflected in our choice of high-quality, ethically sourced ingredients»

Cittamani is committed to sustainability and the use of high quality ingredients. What initiatives have you undertaken in this regard?

Cittamani is committed to sustainability, which is reflected in our choice of high-quality, ethically sourced ingredients. We have implemented initiatives to reduce food waste, embrace local suppliers, and contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious culinary practice.

What are the challenges and opportunities you face in bringing Indian cuisine to Milan, considering the city’s gastronomic diversity and Milan’s vibrant culinary scene?

Bringing Indian cuisine to Milan brings challenges and opportunities. Navigating Milan’s diverse culinary scene requires a thoughtful approach to stand out. We see the city’s diversity as an opportunity to showcase the richness of Indian flavors, creating a unique space for Cittamani in Milan’s vibrant culinary scene.

Gisada: ‘Olfactory craftsmanship and Swiss precision’ in the world of luxury perfumes

The story of Gisada started in Zurich in 2013 as a dream, that of two brothers with a desire to express their passion for perfumes in an unconventional and innovative way, while collaborating with perfume makers with a clear vision. Today, the perfumes Maison, whose logo is inspired by the sublime idea of flight, is synonymous with modern elegance combined with Swiss standards of excellence. In just a few years, the company has achieved great success, with international distribution in almost all European countries, the Balkan countries, the United Arab Emirates, Asia and Africa. At Gisada, typically Swiss savoir-faire and high quality meet mastery in the art of perfumery, resulting in exclusive fragrances that reveal striking compositions, characterised by a refined balance. Everything is taken care of down to the tiniest detail: from the olfactory pyramid to the packaging of the bottles, whose design is always elegant, sober and sophisticated.

Ambassador Men Gisada
Ambassador Men, Gisada

Gisada tells us about their world of luxury perfumes

Ambassador Men, aromatic and appealing, inspired by the lands of the Orient, and its feminine equivalent, Ambassador Women, a seductive Eau de Parfum combining fruity, oriental and floral notes, are the two signature fragrances of the brand. Together with these is Ambassadora, a unisex, sensual and sophisticated composition with a fruity, sweet and enveloping bouquet, and Ambassador Intense. “Intense love lasts forever” is the claim chosen for the campaign of the latest men’s fragrance, which revisits Ambassador Men, giving it an even more intense, lively and masculine character.

The testimonial for the new Gisada fragrance is Italian actor, singer and model Michele Morrone, famous for his performance in the film 365 days, in which he plays the role of a charismatic mafia boss, Massimo Torricelli. Charming and with a hypnotic gaze, the sensual Milanese sex symbol perfectly embodies the Gisada man, interpreting the new fragrance. It is a penetrating fragrance, whose citrusy freshness blends amiably with more delicate aromas, while spicy accords are perceived in depth, infusing the bouquet of Ambassador Intense with its magnetic and explosive essence.

Klevis Kurtaj, Country Manager of Gisada, introduces us to the world of exclusive fragrances, made in Switzerland. He tells us how, in the company philosophy, it is essential to build a relationship of trust with customers, a goal only possible by offering them products of the highest quality, made with the utmost care in the search for ingredients. “Do good and talk about it” he says, explaining how all of the brand’s fragrances made in Switzerland have a unique character, thanks to the significant percentage of essences in each bouquet, thus redefining the very concept of perfume.

Gisada perfumes
Ambassadora, Gisada

“A Gisada perfume represents positive Swiss values and inspires its discerning lovers”

How was Gisada born, where did the idea come from and what is the philosophy behind the brand?

Gisada Parfum has skillfully taken up the human dream of flying and placed it as a logo on the bottle labels. The noble brand with the wing is a Swiss creation, creatively active under the wing of the company Swiss Fragrance. The history of the label began in 2013, and thanks to the entrepreneurial pair of brothers, flattering fragrance lines and sophisticated accessories in the luxury segment emerged. Gisada enters into an attractive combination of olfactory craftsmanship and Swiss precision in the luxury segment.

A Gisada perfume represents positive Swiss values and inspires its discerning lovers. The freedom and lightness of flight is in every single precious drop of Gisada perfume. The fashion and perfume house Gisada strives for higher things, for perfection, with its swinging logo for demanding lovers. The demand for quality is underlined above all by the fact that the proportion of fragrance oil in the perfumes is higher than is normally the case.

“The fragrances are characterful, striking compositions made of highest quality ingredients”

Gisada perfumes are characterised by exclusivity and the highest standards of excellence and quality made in Switzerland. What are the peculiarities of Gisada perfumes and what does distinguish them from other competitor brands, making them unique?

Gisada fragrances are characterized by both precision and balance, qualities that are expressed by products created with utmost care. Sensual and mysterious yet marked by understatement, elegance, clarity and freshness, the fragrances themselves are characterful, striking compositions made of highest quality ingredients. Always striving for the perfect balance, these timeless, exclusive products, which are manufactured in Switzerland, represent Swiss quality, craftsmanship and precision in every aspect.

Everything at Gisada is taken care of down to the last detail: from the olfactory pyramid of the fragrances to the packaging of the bottles. How important is image for your brand today?

“Do good and talk about it”, our grandparents already knew. We all know that our good deeds and successes only have an external effect if we do not hide our light under a bushel. What is right on a small scale is even more so on a large scale. Of course, it is not a matter of promising the customer the moon. Modern consumers are quick to spot empty promises and will not fall for cheap bait-and-switch tactics a second time. Trust creates a good image; a good image in turn builds trust – so the two are mutually dependent. But nobody is born with both.

These attitudes have to be developed. This rarely happens overnight and requires a lot of time and staying power. A good image and the confidence of the clientele one receives naturally primarily by qualitatively high-quality services and products. The price-performance ratio should be right. For this reason, our fragrances go through several control trials to ensure the best experience for the customer.

“The Gisada fragrance house stands for exceptional quality and modern elegance made in Switzerland”

Ambassador Women Gisada
Ambassador Women, Gisada

Ambassador Intense is the newest addition to Gisada. What is the inspiration behind the new fragrance? How does the claim Intense love lasts forever’ describe this fragrance?

Even more intense, even more lively, even more masculine! The Gisada fragrance house stands for exceptional quality and modern elegance made in Switzerland. Now Gisada has added the new Ambassador Intense to its best-selling men s fragrance Ambassador. The new claim reads: ‘Intense love lasts forever’. The fragrance: as the name already indicates, a successful fragrance that has been created and reinterpreted and even more intensely. The masculine-aromatic impressions are refined in depth and complemented by warm oriental accords. The scent of Ambassador Intense – like the already established partner fragrance exudes a delightfully citrusy freshness of grapefruit, bergamot, lavender, mandarin, pink pepper and cardamom. The flacon: cool, reduced, extremely high-quality, all in matt black and with noble gold accents, reflects the exclusivity of Swiss quality and craftsmanship in an outstanding way.

What are the characteristics of the perfect perfume, according to Gisada? If you had to choose one perfume that you created to represent the brand, what would it be?

That would be our Ambassador Men without a doubt! Lively, fresh and intense, this masculine, cool fragrance features slightly oriental accents. Juicy and tangy notes of mandarin orange lend the fragrance an initially fresh citrus impression. These aspects combine with the spiciness of peonies and patchouli. Amber accents are accompanied by finest vanilla. The result: A fragrance to express your elegant style.

“What makes these more exclusive perfumes special is the production and ingredients, as well as the story behind the creation and the brand”

Could you tell us about your luxury line and the concept behind this range of perfumes?

In a very special series Gisada releases unisex perfume. Unusual, personal and exclusive. What makes these more exclusive perfumes special is the production and ingredients, as well as the story behind the creation and the brand. The fragrances delight their followers with exclusive fragrance nuances and have an extremely complicated manufacturing process. All fragrances are carefully made by hand in Switzerland and undergo strict quality control.

The fragrance comes packaged in a high quality, high gloss lacquered wooden box with Gisada engraving, protected by a beautiful and high quality velvet bag. The bottom is decorated with a fine and soft velvet carpet and the contents are adorned real 24 carat gold leaf to honor the name ‘Luxury’.
Only the best raw materials from around the world are used for the Luxury Line and an extremely high percentage of perfume oil distinguishes it from other fragrances on the market in this segment.

Lorenzo Richelmy and the art of transformism

Lorenzo Richelmy stars in the cover story of the latest issue of Manintown Youth Babilonia.

Born in La Spezia and raised in Rome, Lorenzo Richelmy is an eclectic actor, proudly Italian, with an international career. From Marco Polo, a 2014 Netflix U.S. television series, to Hotel Portofino, a 2022 British period drama, and many things in between, Richelmy has consolidated his consciousness as a cosmopolitan actor: «I am happy to say that my generation of actors in Italy is at the level of American and international ones.»

Thirty-two years old in March under the sign of Aries, Lorenzo was raised on bread and theater – his parents are both theater actors. He is averse to social networks, but he hides  a nerdy past and a great passion for traveling, «backpacking, to a semi-unknown destination and on foot».

And with an acrobat’s leap, Lorenzo Richelmy goes from cinema to fashion, posing with ease in front of Davide Musto’s lens for MANINTOWN’s fashion issue, Youth Babilonia. It’s an “experiment”, as he defines it, where acting meets fashion, resulting in dynamic shots in which Richelmy plays the role of a contemporary superhero.

Lorenzo Richelmy
Total look and sunglasses Dolce&Gabbana, rings Bernard Delettrez

Lorenzo Richelmy interview
Total look and sunglasses Dolce&Gabbana, rings Bernard Delettrez

Lorenzo Richelmy Marco Polo
Faux fur N°21, pendant necklace Bernard Delettrez

Lorenzo Richelmy Netflix
Shirt Alexander McQueen

Lorenzo Richelmy Instagram
Total look Gucci

Lorenzo Richelmy series
Total look Zegna

Lorenzo Richelmy actor
Total look N°21


Talent Lorenzo Richelmy

Photographer Davide Musto

Stylist Stefania Sciortino

Stylist assistant Federica Mele

Make-up Marco Roscino

Opening image: total look and sunglasses Dolce&Gabbana, rings Bernard Delettrez