“Traces of Sirocco” BY Clementine Passet

A study in exotic layering and romantic shapes.

Photography Clementine Passet (@clemetinepasset) (clementinepasset.com)
Stylist Rebecca Muzzioli (@rebecca_muzzioli) (rebeccamuzzioli.com)
Talent [email protected] (@jason_harderwijk)
Grooming Francois Regaudie (@francoisregaudie)
Assistant Stylist Paulina Bolko
Light Assistant Manon Ternes
Special Thanks to Studio Moderne 

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“Hard and easy” by Edoardo De Ruggiero

Some guys don’t need to try too hard to look tough. This Autumn, keep it cool and loose, inspired by these killer designer looks, let comfort be your MO.”

Photographer: Edoardo De Ruggiero
Fashion Stylist: Nicholas Galletti
Hair Stylist: Azumi Higaki
Make up artist: Constance Haond
Philip LDB @ New Madison;
Rodrigue D @ M Management

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adidas by Alexander Wang: Season 2

adidas Originals and Alexander Wang return for Season 2 of their unisex collaboration offering a new subversive dose of unisex apparel and footwear. Ever unconventional, adidas Originals and Wang return to disrupt fashion’s status quo, reinventing design, communication, and retail.
Season 2 fuses two disparate experiences—raving and cycling—to present the story of a tribe of New York bike messengers.
The capsule, 27 pieces, encapsulates the core story of the unisex collection: an aesthetic meld of raving and cycling apparel printed in authentic ’90s graphics inspired by club flyers. A color palette of black and solar yellow adds to the energy. Wang’s now-iconic upside-down adidas Trefoil logo is emblazoned on every piece. Also the footwear debut a completely new style with a clash of textures: rubber and suede.
In an accompanying narrative campaign film directed by Ryan Staake, masked bike messengers are voyeuristically seen throughout New York pasting a cryptic posters. A protagonist is followed into a hedonistic warehouse rave, before biking home and passing out at dawn.
The collection is available on August 5th at select adidas & Alexander Wang flagship locations and online.

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cover photo by adam katz sinding @le21eme

The AM CREW collaborates with MANINTOWN for the second edition of a successful collaboration presented during Milan Fashion Week in January. The second collection, called “Poison City”, and created by Vlatko Dukic e Signe Christoffen, takes inspiration from the city of Hong Kong, where the brand is based, interpreted as the city of poison in the ‘80s, when corruption and drugs arose, like in the sci-fi movie Blade Runner, in a confused environment where rock’ n’ roll music was a form of rebellion. The collection is also an homage Justin Gossman, super model and musician, characterized by a unique sense of style and charismatic personality. The AM CREW man is a modern Lord Byron, with a flamboyant aesthetic remixed in a contemporary way, with subtle grunge and Victorian accents. He is a night lover- the central element of the brand’s creation- who strolls around the Asian city, between humidity and shadows, but always with style. A roster of intriguing people will be the main characters of the new advertising campaign: the super models Niall Underwood, Ivan Claudiu and Sasha Panika.

The top 5 things you should know about JUSTIN GOSSMAN

Justin Gossman, can easily be mistaken for a rock star.  He has a natural love for skinny leather pants and vintage suede jackets with a 70’s vintage allure.  In reality, however, he can transforms himself on runways and for editorial stories.  He’s kept himself busy while working for brands such as Gucci, Lanvin, John Varvatos, Rick Owens and Raf Simons, both on the runway and for their ad campaigns.

From a very young age, he began dancing, he learned piano, and can play the harmonica and the guitar.  He is also the lead singer in a rock band called “The Toy Gun.”  They are set to launch their first release in coming months.  Justin loves rock ‘n’ roll especially the song “Devils Sympathy” by the Rolling Stones.  He takes great inspiration from Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Brian Jones, Keith Richards, Jim Morrison, Syd Barrett, Patti Smith, Bob Dylan among other music legends.  The Toy Guns has a rock ‘n’ roll soul with a modern twist.

When off stage or not working, Justin loves goofing around with his colleges and friends.  There is never a dull moment with Justin, he loves enjoying life, spreading love, and he knows how to cheer up people around him, always providing entertainment.

Justin used to skate board and he still loves surfing whenever he gets the chance.

Justin’s strong resemblance with famous Japanese manga series Black Butler lead character called Sebastian is not just a co-in coincidence.  It is very hard to spot the difference, so Sebastian must really be his fictional doppelgänger.

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Carlo Sestini – L.a. confidential

Based in London, socialite and jet- setter Carlo Sestini is one of the new names to watch. With a keen eye for luxury and fashion, this influencer with Italian origins represents the new era of social media, which he uses to showcase his luxurious, exciting and hectic lifestyle. His life is anything but ordinary: tens of thousands of fans follow him through his journeys through Europe and the United States and appreciate his energy, character and savoir faire of an Italian gentleman but always with a British touch. Sestini embodies a sophisticated yet casual style and is often spotted wearing exclusive brands or on the catwalk, such as Dolce & Gabbana’s this season. Who could best guide us around Los Angeles? Carlo told us about his love for the City of Angels, now more than ever a favourite new destination of the fashion world, chosen by huge brands such as Tommy Hil ger and Christian Dior.

What is your favorite thing about Los Angeles?
I love it because it is a metropolitan mix where there are many events and happenings, but also a huge array of cultural activities, with many exhibitions, theater performances, movie premieres and concerts. The food is great and very healthy, as Californians are very attentive to fresh and organic food, of which I am a fan, and of course the ocean! Not to mention that the weather is always great and that keeps you in a good mood.

What are the essentials in your suitcase?
I always bring a tux with me, you never know the occasion or the event. Also, several sunglasses, because I like to change them according to the look, especially since I’ve started wearing those with coloured frames like yellow, pink, blue and mirror lenses. I can’t forget a large selection of shirts and sportswear items, because everyone in Los Angeles is crazy about fitness, and this pushes me to get busy in the gym. And finally, swimsuits, of course.

A special memory tied to the city?
There are many, but if I have to choose, I would say the photoshoot I did for Ermanno Scervino at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Your top 5 Places to visit?
For coffee I recommend Alfred who, although in America, I think makes the best coffee I have ever tasted and the best fresh juices. I always get the carrot, celery and ginger. The Ivy, for its relaxed atmosphere, a delicious menu of contemporary american nouvelle cuisine, and its rétro vibes. A trendy ingredient like kale is present in many bar and restaurant menus, although clearly you can not help but try a good old hamburger. More than any, I recommend the legendary independent fast food chain In & Out, a temple of goodness, thanks to its use of quality raw materials. In the afternoon, besides beach life, it’s great to take a stroll on Santa Monica Piers, with all its sea-view rides and barges. For a night out, a place often chosen by celebrities is The Nice Guy in West Hollywood, a very intimate bar and restaurant with design furnishings. For dancing I recommend the Warwick club with Art Deco and mid century vibes, on Sunset Boulevard.

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destination timepieces

“Summer afternoon – these have always been the two most beautiful words in my language”. That’s what Henry James used to say and he might have been right. After all, that’s the moment when time dilates, stops even, as if it were a dimension capable of self effacing. Whether you decide or not to turn the hourglass, here are the most appropriate places to forget the chaos of the city and, just as many watches ready to adapt perfectly to the new rhythm.


Now that it is on the radar of the international jet-set, after the wedding of singer Justin Timberlake and the actress Jessica Biel, this place enchants with its beaches, its farm houses converted into resorts and the nearby 18 hole golf course: one of Puglia’s best.
The address: Masseria Torre Maizza, www.masseriatorremaizza.com
The watch: Tudor Heritage Black Bay, the famous water resistant watch now comes in an all steel version with a steel bezel disc, manufacture movement and date indicator.

Though being a lush and green island, it’s around the main square – called “Chiazza” by locals – that the island’s entire life spins – whether it’s for coffee in the morning or an aperitif in the evening, stopping here is an obligation.
The address: Beach Club La Fontelina, www.fontelina-capri.com
The watch: Patek Philippe Aquanaut Ref. 5168G. Twenty years after the launch of the first Aquanaut, the maison proposes a new version with a robust white gold case, waterproof up to 120 meters.

In 1957 the lm “And God Created Woman” was shot here; Two legends are born at the same time: this seaside resort and Brigitte Bardot who bought a villa here some years later.
The address: Le Club 55, www.club55.fr
The Clock: Audemars Piguet The Royal Oak O shore Chronograph Summer Edition. The House of Le Brassus celebrates the 50th birthday of Byblos, the most iconic hotel in Saint Tropez, with a limited edition that recalls the hotel’s colours at sunset.

While the 80’s are back in full swing, why not choose the destination that became famous thanks to the 1984 hit, “People from Ibiza” by Sandy Marton?
The address: Hotel Xereca, www.hotelxereca.com
The watch: TAG Heuer AQUARACER Camou age. Titanium case, waterproof up to 300 meters, bezel with minute scale (marked every minute for the rst fteen) in matt black ceramic, and a NATO camou age strap.

Porto Cervo
After a few years of relative silence, the stars are shining again over this location beloved by celebrities such as Greta Garbo, Princess Margaret, Gianni Agnelli, Jacqueline Kennedy, Juan Carlos, Harrison Ford and Sting.
The address Aruanã Churrascaria, www.aruana.it
The clock: Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean “Big Blue”. The chest of this GMT underwater timepiece is derived from a single blue ceramic block and is waterproof up to 600 meters.

Coves with crystal clear water in the daytime and a sparkling nightlife after sunset: Mykonos remains an island of contrasts. A magical place where you can drink an aperitif in the company of a pelican, the symbol of the island.
The address: Sea Satin Market, www.capriceofmykonos.com
The watch: Breitling Superocean Héritage II. For the 60th birthday of the model, the brand presents a restyled version, with a new steel bezel and a super tough, high-tech ceramic ring. COSC certi ed movement, inside.

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NARTIST: l’Arte a portata di mouse

Cover_Elena Vavaro. Senza titolo, 2016

An empty frame, symbolising the imaginary power of art. Bright orange, emphasising the modernity of expressive power. And the internet, as a collector of interests and a vehicle of global dispersion. It seems almost easy to link these three vectors in the name of art, but that is not always the case. Behind Nartist, start-up designed to give modern meaning to current artistic expression, lies the typical Made In Italy story- one of those entrepreneurial occurrences where business intuition is tightly bound to beauty for pleasure’s sake, a concept so deeply rooted in Italian DNA. A project that lives on the web, but is rooted in culture, amplifying social connotations; in fact, a digital art gallery, where collectors are directly in touch with young creatives, getting to know them and buying their artwork. The idea is that of Francesco Nicastri, who has spent his career in business consultancy, a côte artistic who couldn’t remain subservient, who has a strong sensibility for organizational models that support social and cultural activities. Nicastri is joined by Enzo Cannaviello, long-time gallerist specializing in contemporary art and former president of the National Association of Contemporary Modern Art Galleries, and Luca Borriello, Research Director of Inward, Observatory on Creativity. The fourth side of this hypothetical art frame is the Doimo Group, manufacturing partner specialized in the creation of furniture, with whom they have exclusively patented a system of customisable canvas furniture pieces outfitted with frames which allow artwork to be inserted and interchanged, thus catering to clients’ preferences. To best understand this project, MANINTOWN met its creator, Francesco Nicastri.

When and how was the idea of Nartist born?
NARTIST is a project that I like to define as ambitious and even revolutionary, because it comes from my way of feeling and living life. The first intuition was born in the workshop of an artist in Puglia, following a question that I have been asking myself for many years: often I wondered if it was reality that creates thought or thought that creates reality. In the end I managed to understand that it is thought that creates reality. Unfortunately, the speed at which we live our daily lives does not allow us time to stop and listen to ourselves, and in this way, we end up limiting our own thoughts and actions, instead replicating mental constructs and expected behaviours. If, on the other hand, we could stop from time to time, we would be able to perceive the creative spark that exists in each of us. It is the key ingredient needed in order to truly enrich our lives with new stimuli, and it opens us up to new possibilities, giving value to our uniqueness. In this respect, taking interest in art is the most direct way to create our own reality.

Why did you feel the need to design this platform? What need does it fulfil?
I embarked on this journey inspired by emotion, in order to design a project model that stimulates and spreads creativity and brings value to human relationships and consumer experience by means of interaction and exchange of ideas.

How was the partnership with Doimo born?
The Doimo Group impressed me with its manufacturing history and the strength of its brand, and in addition it has always demonstrated itself to be a pioneer in both the geographic exploration of new markets as well as investing in know-how and technology in a range of finished furniture products. Even when approached with the potential offered by this project, they were able to grasp its profound implications and hence the cultural, social and industrial opportunities right away.


Illustrations by Natalia Resmini

Fashion illustrator and Fashion Consultant, Natalia Resmini combines a strong sensibility for fashion and a lightness with colour. Her experience as a portraitist and textile designer reveals itself with every brushstroke. Thanks to surfing and her love for the sea she has traveled all over the world. This aesthetic maturity is apparent both in her free drawings and in the story, illustrated by the photographs, where she suggests the unmissable places to go surfing. I’ve had this great passion for a lifetime, which made me travel around the world. Surfing is a golden ticket, because all surfers sooner or later travel for long periods, and get the opportunity to learn about other cultures. We Italians are a people of idealists, dreamers and travellers, that’s what I always say! We are lucky because, although we don’t have many waves, we go seeking them, discovering a lot of other things in the process and expanding our horizons. And we stand out all right! Exclusively for MANINTOWN here’s a selection of the best locations discovered during my travels.

I recommend Sayulita and Saladita, and Punta de Mita, on the Nayarit coast. A hippy atmosphere, perfect temperatures especially in winter months, both challenging and easier waves. The coolest time of the year is during Mexi Log Festival, which brings together the world’s finest surfers in the Longboard category. (www.mexilogfest.com) For accommodation I would recommend Casa Love, located in the heart of Sayulita. Right on the main beach, facing the rolling waves and a few tourists looking for a good margarita, lies the welcoming patio of Nathalie Mignot, the owner. The architecture of the house reveals itself in a clever balance of sunlight and shade. Ten “open space” rooms, are furnished with singular taste, for a really special stay: you will always feel caressed by the wind and lulled by the stars at night. The attention to ecology and the “raw” lifestyle of the owners will win you over. Casa Love is part of a broader concept including the “Pachamama” boutique and the homonymous art gallery, both on the lower floor where you will find boho-chic unique pieces of clothing amongst the colorful works of young artists and tons of lovely jewellery.
For more info and to discover curiosities about the owner’s family: pachamamasayulita.com.mx/casa-love/

My absolute favourite, where I pass several months a year and the waves are the best in the Mediterranean, because the island has a 360 ° exposure to the seas. Of all the coasts, the one in the west is the one with the most frequent waves, because the northwesterly wind is predominant. As for the rest, the island offers many options that can be exploited, hence why Sardinia has become an international destination for surfing tourism. For beginners, I recommend the school IS BENAS SURF CLUB (www.isbenas.com), which offers custom packages with qualified instructors and surf house rentals. An unmissable experience, fabulous nature and excellent A to Z customer service. Also, worth mentioning is Maona Sailingboat, in the south, at Villasimius, owned by Sebastiano Concas, one of the best Italian surfers, who organises sailing boat charters and surf trips, an original formula for a memorable holiday in the heart of the marine protected area. www.facebook.com/Maonasailingboat/


I’ve been to Morocco many times now, but every trip always brings new emotions. There is something magical, a special perfume in the air. Arab culture fascinates me, as an artist and as a woman. My creativity is stimulated by the decorations of the tiles, the colours of the earth interspersed by argan plants, the architecture designed to be lived inside and out. I have a lot of Moroccan friends, and putting aside misconceptions and prejudices, I have found an enlightened people. Culture, pride, hospitality and a mystical atmosphere are a constant. In the West, we are always running and we no longer believe in anything. Sometimes we don’t even have five minutes to watch a beautiful sunset. We have clocks and they have time! I was there for almost two months recently, south of Essaouira. I painted and surfed, immersed in a pleasant “mal d’Afrique”. Moroccans believe in their land, in the wind, in the sea, in the food. I can’t forget some winter nights, when we would eat together around the fire with our hands, assimilating the energy of food, in religious silence. I’ve come to believe that forks and knives are a kind of filter between us and what we eat. I think  back to the freedom I felt and I smile, because I can’t forget the depth of the colours of the sky, as I chased the last waves of the day. I think back to the deserted beaches, to the freshly caught sea bass, to the olive oil almost better than the Italian one. In Morocco the place I recommend for surfing is the coast from Essaouira to Agadir.
Here are two of my favourite hotels: Hôtel Résidence le Kaouki www.sidikaouki.comOlo Surf & Nature www.olosurfnature.com/
The coolest surfcamp of the moment!

It’s the California of Europe! I have been so many times that I do not even remember how many anymore. It’s the heart of the European surf scene, where the best shapers and underground artists go. The prices are a bit high and the water very crowded, but the nature is wonderful! In the summer you can surf till 11pm in the evening, as the days are long. Also, there are beautiful surf shops and inland, various surf schools operating on stunning endless beaches.Check out: m.facebook.com/tfr.hossegorsurfhouse/

Photo by @silvia_cabella_fotografie
Instagram profile @nataliaresmini

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JOURNEY through Gucci places

Gucci Places is an initiative designed by the Florentine maison to unveil locations around the world that reflect the taste and values peculiar to the House and that have inspired it. Whether private or public, hidden or evident, Alessandro Michele’s contemporary aesthetic can be at the tip of one’s fingers simply through the App. The aim is to encourage people to discover interesting and unexpected stories about these places, and so become part of a community, built around a network of locations that are able to surprise, arouse interest and inspire creativity. The very first Gucci Place to be unveiled will be Chatsworth in Derbyshire, England, which is where Gucci is currently supporting an extensive exhibition of clothing and memorabilia entitled House Style, curated by Hamish Bowles. New functionalities will be added to the Gucci App to involve customers in the story of each designated Place, for example through the use the geolocation. The App will allow users to check-in and win the badge associated with it, also providing a detailed description of the Place, featuring texts, pictures and/or videos.

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Sensuality is woman. It is no coincidence that as Managing Director of Coco de Mer, one of the most renowned luxury lingerie brand and erotic fashion house, we find a woman, Lucy Litwack, with a huge passion and experience in this field. Not only products to reach pleasure; Coco de Mer offers also education and guidance for a personal erotic experience with a decadent allure. MANINTOWN interviewed Mrs Litwack, asking her some questions about her experience of more than ten years in the industry and about themes that are still considered a taboo.

Why did you choose to work in the field of luxurious lingerie?
Lingerie is my passion. I fell into the industry by chance from a client I had at a design agency I was working for after University. I went to work for this lingerie start up in house and the rest is history! After over 17 years in the industry, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.  Lingerie can create magic. It has the power of transformation. I have worked for many incredible brands from Victoria’s Secret to La Perla, but when I started at Coco de Mer 3 years ago I knew I had found something very special. A brand that has always punched above its weight, but is yet to realize its full potential. A brand that so seamlessly blends fashion and erotica; sophistication and sensuality. A brand that emphasizes the importance of female pleasure, yet appeals to both men and women.

Which is the most representative item of Coco de Mer?
Everything we design combines luxury and beauty, often with a touch of the audacious.  For instance, the Coco de Mer Spanking Knicker. This item is luxurious, beautiful and a little bit naughty – with the added option for play with your partner. The Sylph bra is also an iconic Coco de Mer style. It has been in the business for over 10 years and continues to be a best seller. It is perfect for the underwear as outerwear trend with its strappy detailing. In luxurious black silk with front fastening and a seductive half cup that barely covers the bust, it takes its inspiration from the empowering work of Helmut Newton and the world of the dominatrix.

According to you, which is the link between fashion and sensuality?
People are pleasure seekers. They seek pleasure in a myriad of different ways, one of which is fashion. The delights that fascinate our senses such as cuisine, design, fashion occupy the cultural psyche in many different ways from books to magazines to tv. Matters erotic however are more limited and repressed. Coco de Mer encourages a more progressive viewpoint. To open up a more playful conversation on the subject and thus encourage people to delve deeper into their fantasies. We want to create a more beautiful sensual landscape to explore. Engaging in this conversation, we can use fashion and lingerie to reach a better understanding of, and connection to, what is truly sensual. As purveyors of sensuality, Coco de Mer both creates and curates irresistible objects and experiences to celebrate mutual pleasure and individual satisfaction.

What do women look for when choosing lingerie?
Women have many different faces. One day, they will be looking for comfort – perfect fit, soft fabrics. One day they will want something that makes them feel empowered with the knowledge that only they are aware of what lies beneath the exterior. Other times they may want to be a classic femme fatale. Lingerie can transform you and your mindset. But overall, women want good fit, beautiful materials that caress the skin and silhouettes that enhance their form.

Instead, what do men appreciate the most?
Men appreciate any effort you want to make.  They love the idea that you have dressed up for them (even if it is just as much for you) and will worship you whatever you choose. We find at Coco de Mer that men will often purchase the three piece set – in addition to the bra and knicker, they will pick the suspender belt too. They generally prefer the more classic colours of red and black. And beautiful nightwear is always popular –  a lace chemise, a silk robe.

Can lingerie make women more confident?
Absolutely. Lingerie can transform your body and your mind which in turns gives you the confidence to do whatever it is you want to do – whether that is to rule the world or your partner!

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