AdeJosh, music as an escape from reality

Nigerian artist Adejosh was born and raised in the UK. He released his first project, “Confident EP”, in 2016 on SoundCloud, involving established artists and friends such as Afro B, New Age Muzic, Ray. Able to blend his experiences with multicultural influences, AdeJosh draws on the typical sounds of afrobeat, dancehall, hip hop and R&B to create something young, innovative and recognisable.

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AdeJosh, ph. courtesy of WPGM PR

The artist has just released his second extended play, titled “All For Me”. A comeback with style, six years after bursting into the UK music scene with the aforementioned EP, with hundreds of thousands of online streams, taking its place in the global afrobeat scene.
We interviewed him to better understand his relationship with music.

What is your relationship with music?

My relationship with music is the meaning of life. I’ve been fortune enough to be raised around music from an early age, from playing keyboard in church to doing shows and performing in secondary school.

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What does music mean to you?

Music is my biggest escape from reality where problems don’t exist and time stands still equivalent to the beat in our hearts. We are just trying to navigate the rhythm of life.

Who are you most inspired by and how?

My inspiration list runs long e.g Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Chick Corea, Usher, Burna Boy, Rema, Snarky Puppy, but when it comes to my craft my biggest inspiration is Wizkid and Davido. They showed me that you don’t need to have the best voice, just work with what you’ve got and give it your best.

“Music is where problems don’t exist and time stands still equivalent to the beat in our hearts”

What do you recommend to young people who would like to try starting a music career today?

Always be willing to learn, to improve, find yourself, find your sound. Sometimes you need to experiment, if you can’t get to a studio go on YouTube, find beats, work on your craft, keep pushing and never give up.

What is your relationship with Italy? What do you like most about our country?

I love Italy, I’ve been there a few times. It’s a very peaceful place, I go there to relax and to do shopping.

Do you think there is a correlation between fashion and music?

Yes 100%: two worlds I am trying to blend. Fashion speaks just as loud as music and when fashion meets music it creates the perfect blend.

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Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years time, I see myself putting back into the culture, setting up opportunities for artists that are like me, making it easier, without forgetting reality and their journey.

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“All For Me” is available on Spotify:

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The collaboration between Tom of Finland and We are Spastor offers a limited edition jacquard knit twin set consisting of a sweater with a 70s silhouette and a scarf with the iconic “biker head”.

The Finnish designer is one of the most influential artists of the 20th century for the exceptional uniqueness and artistry of his designs that not only redefine the masculinity of the human being, but also offer a clear vision of the position of homosexuals in modern society. The master designer has changed queer culture with his proud, subversive and joyful expression of sexuality.

Each garment is made of the softest Italian fabric, sourced from a Tuscan mill with a blend of kid mohair and hand carding finished, creating a true charcoal effect. Each garment is woven with care, produced in the surroundings of Barcelona, in a workshop run by a young entrepreneur, made in the smallest details and hand-labeled with the special woven label “Tom of Finland + We Are Spastor”, made of 100% recycled polyester. In fact, the collaboration supports local production, actively engaging in a policy of social responsibility.

Finally, 10% of every purchase will be donated to the Tom of Finland Foundation for the preservation of the artist’s archive and legacy.

The seven most vibrant resorts in Central America

The current pandemic forces us to travel only with our imagination, but nothing forbids us to fly overseas with our thoughts and start planning our next trips. 

Costa Rica, Santa Barbara. November 30, 2016. The atrium in the main building of the Hotel Finca Rosa Blanca. © Teake Zuidema

Among the must-see destinations, Central America and the Dominican Republic are the ideal places to find the right spirit and rekindle the desire to travel. Colorful, rare, and breathtaking landscapes reflect the energy, the culture, and the local tradition: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and the Dominican Republic. 

We have selected some of the most quaint hotels where to stay at least once in life: 

Los Almendros de San Lorenzo – El Salvador

In Suchito, you can find an elegant boutique hotel in the historic center of the colonial city, which comes from an ancient house of great cultural value. Behind the amazing mural, designed by the Salvadoran great master Luiz Lazo, a piece of Eden is hidden. Patios full of plants, fountains, and aisles with wood columns are the real protagonists. 

W Panamà – Panamà

Inspired by art, fashion, culture, and local gastronomy, the hotel embodies the spirit of the country with a unique style and design that pay homage to the region’s history and present. The building is located close to Calle Uruguay, a prestigious location in the financial district of the Panamanian capital. An outdoor swimming pool cannot miss, ready to catapult the guests into a relaxing atmosphere. 

Finca Rosa Blanca – Costa Rica

Once there was only mud, today there is a luxury paradise. Amongst exceptional coffee and 7,000 trees, this hotel is located on land that tells us local cultures and traditions. If you love art in all its forms, Finca Rosa Blanca is the place for you: you will be welcomed between extravagant sculptures and colorful murals; with its distinctly Costa Rican spirit, it will offer you a natural and ecological paradise. 

Hamanasi Resort – Belize

Located between the Maya Mountains and the turquoise Caribbean Sea, it is an intimate boutique hotel that offers the possibility to discover the biggest Maya sites immersed in the rainforest. The more adventurous can go as far as the unspoiled coral reef. Ecotourism is the basic philosophy of this resort, which works every day to preserve that piece of paradise for future generations with attention to the environment and the animals. 

Eden Roc at Cap Cana – Dominican Republice

Elegant suites by the sea and wonderful villas surrounded by nature for guests’ complete privacy: Relais & Châteaux Eden Roc at Cap is a unique and exclusive resort located in the beautiful setting of Cap Cana beach, a scenery of lively architecture and rooms with bright and vibrant colors. 

Jade Seahorse – Honduras 

It is the perfect place to relax, enjoy nature, share emotions, and appreciate monumental creations. Here “green attitude” is the real protagonist: recycled materials, such as pieces of pottery, glass, disks, and bottles, decorate this oasis giving shape to mosaics, walls, tables, and floors. You can book exclusive bungalows built by the best craftsmen and taste dishes of local organic products.

Tribal Hotel – Nicaragua

Located in the heart of the colonial city, the luxury hotel has the perfect position to fully experience the charm of history, culture, and the local restaurants. The guests are welcomed in an elegant lobby and enter a tropical oasis with a swimming pool made of bizarre tiles, which recall the pavements in Copacabana. The roofed terrace surrounding the patio offers a modern common area, while the dining room is decorated with handmade pieces designed by the owners and produced by local craftsmen from the countryside. 

Travel with Manintown curated by Francesca Riggio

We will travel again: 5 destinations to rediscover

Which are the five words that will characterize our next trips? Safety, quiet, light-heartedness, adventure, and sustainability. We have been deprived of the possibility to take a flight for a year now. We have forgotten that feeling when you check-in, run at the airport, and land on the other side of the world. Since, at the moment, we can only fly with our imagination, let’s rediscover (at least virtually) 5 destinations, very different from each other, to reach as soon as it is possible. 

Related to the topic of light-heartedness, in fifth place, we find Dubai, where leisure and fun are on the agenda. Hot-air balloon flights, horse rides, quad in the desert, breathtaking sunsets, paragliding: these are some activities you can do in the Emirates. The Hot Air Balloons paint the sky with emotions: it will be possible to fly over the desert at 400 meters high to enjoy a view as never seen before, including the Burj Khalifa, famous worldwide for its majesty. 

Fourth place goes to Turkey, with an unusual destination: Erzurum. For winter sports lovers, it will be possible to ski at 3000 meters high, on the Palandoken mountains. Ice climbing, horse riding, and visiting the ancient castles of the town: all activities that you will do in complete safety. 

Credits: @newmediasoup

For the more adventurous, Tulum is a must: travels to Mexico are the ideal way to combine history and the beauty of nature with the charm of discovering. Among lands, which ancient civilizations such as the Maya enriched with relics, and unusual sea landscapes, Tulum allows you to visit ruins preserved for a long time on the coast and explore the wonderful underwater caves. The more romantic can enjoy the suggestive dawn on the beach. 

Credits: @julija_makani

South Tyrol wins second place. It is a scene of peace and serenity, characterized by a land of contrasts that blend, giving rise to a unique atmosphere to live in complete freedom in its fascinating open spaces. The Dolomites‘ peaks are the background of lawns, and the country life unites with modernity, where Alpine traditions and Mediterranean features live in perfect harmony. 

Credits: @fsseychelles

The gold medal goes to Seychelles, the eco-sustainable paradise. Natural reserves, botanic gardens, rare and protected flora and fauna, coral plantations, dolphins, sea turtles and whale sharks: these islands are a model of balance between preserved biodiversity and sustainable tourism.  In the heart of the Indian Ocean, a Code of Ethics has been drawn up to respect the environment, urging the tourists to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide using local buses and bicycles for tours, to support eco-friendly accommodations, and to protect the marine ecosystem avoiding touching and collecting corals and seashells. 

Travel with Manintown curated by Francesca Riggio

Chef in Town: Simone Rugiati and his factory

Chef, TV host and influencer, Simone Rugiati managed to win us over immediately with his recipes. Lively, charismatic, and enterprising, the chef has created a creative Factory House, Food Loft Milano. We met him to discover the project up close.

How did your passion for food come about?

I have always been a big fan of cooking, ever since I was a child.

When I was young, my parents worked mornings and afternoons, with the consequence that they didn’t have the time to cook for me. My neighbor Gigliola, along with my grandmothers, took care of lunches, and I was always home with them. I remember that we would cook and play, and the fun activities would end by eating the dish we had prepared. I loved this magic of making, transforming, and eating.

I was very messy, curious, and lively, never sitting still, tasting, cooking, preparing, and eating. I was happy to see the main character, my grandmother, at the table. Without her, Sundays didn’t work: her cooking kept the whole family together (I still remember her saying: “buy the good stuff, that comes good”).

When I finished middle school, I enrolled in culinary school for hotel management.

How were you able to turn cooking into work?

After school, I started working around trying to stay in different places for a short time to gain more experience in the shortest time possible. However, I realized that being inside a restaurant was not enough for me: I wanted to invent, but above all, I missed being in contact with the raw material. When you work in a restaurant, you have to adapt: I needed to give space to my creativity. I started reading cookbooks, but even those seemed banal. Later, I went to work in Parma in a publishing house that produced culinary magazines. This editorial group has allowed me to observe starred restaurants and test the cuisine of great chefs.

In the meantime, I started taking pictures and got used to the cameras. At first, I was afraid of being on television because I thought I wasn’t up to it. Then I realized how important the world of communication and media was in my field.

My television career began with “Il Piatto forte” on Canale 5, hosted by Iva Zanicchi. That was followed by <<La Prova del Cuoco>>, with Antonella Clerici, not to forget the twelve years at <<Gambero Rosso>>.  Finally, I moved to <<La 7>> and <<Food Network>>.

Tell us about your project Food Loft Milano.

Food Loft Milano ( is an initiative of mine, a creative laboratory of excellence that makes consultations, catering, events, and productions.

I did not want to open a classic restaurant but a laboratory. This business allows me to provide all-around services that go beyond single dish preparation. In fact, with the studio, we can distribute real content, take photos and produce videos. I am happy with the context I have created: through a trusted videomaker, I have equipped myself with lights, lenses, and everything necessary to produce formats not only for the web but also for companies and television productions.

Our mission is to create an audio-video package for bands. Food loft was born seven years ago when I decided to stop always going around to create content: it was time to have a unique space all my own, with a single professional kitchen, versatile for any situation. That is an easily brandable base of operations, suitable for creating and catering service and all the various productions mentioned above. 

Any plans for the future?

We’re trying to work with increasingly sustainable companies that embrace the principles of the green attitude. These years more than ever have shown how fundamental it’s the environment, even in the kitchen. I continue to specialize in content production: the ultimate goal is to interface directly with clients, providing them with a complete package. Finally, I can’t deny that I would like to spend more time in Kenya, which has become my second home.

Chef in Town- a food and beverage column curated by

Intl Editor Francesca Romana Riggio

Chef in Town: Lemon Protein Cake recipe.

When talking about keeping in shape, the fork plays a key role. Especially today, in a partial on and off lockdown condition that requires us to stay at home, letting ourselves go in the kitchen is a strong temptation. However, you can indulge in a few whims thanks to a slight revisitation of the recipes more caloric.

It is essential to know the percentage of protein that meals contain. On the other hand, a high protein diet would be harmful to our organism. Food sources of protein come from animal origin’s food (meat, fish, eggs, milk, and dairy products), legumes, nuts, oilseeds, and cereals. Also, proteins with carbohydrates and fats constitute a macronutrient that is a category of substances whose intake must be regular and measured.

Cooking also means being creative and able to change (and in some cases distort) traditional recipes that apparently would seem rich in fat and sugar. The tricks to turn our favorite dish into a light snack are many: sometimes use gluten-free flour and add fresh fruit instead of maple syrup or replace the beef sauce with chicken sauce or classic béchamel sauce with Greek yogurt.

Lemon Protein Cake is a simple recipe made with healthy and natural ingredients; this cake is also perfect as a “hunger-breaker” to keep under control that sudden desire for food that we have, for example, while we enjoy a movie on the sofa.

Lemon Protein Cake

Quantity: 4 persons

Time: 40 minutes

Difficulty: medium/easy

Recommended meal: snack/dessert

Ingredients: 200g of oatmeal, 400g of egg white, 1 squeezed lemon, 100g of hazelnuts, 100g of lemon zest, 2-3 tablespoons of soy, 70g (1 scoop) of protein yogurt taste, 30g of fructose.


Combine half of the oat flakes in a bowl and then blend them to obtain a fine flour.

Squeeze a lemon and grate it (keep the peel). Chop the hazelnuts with a blender until they are crisp, not too thin pieces with a dusty texture. In a bowl, pour the oatmeal and flakes, lemon juice, fructose, lemon zest, proteins and mix all with the egg whites and hazelnuts. In the meantime, preheat the oven to 180° C. Once you have a homogeneous mixture, pour it all in a cylindrical container (to give it the shape of a small cake), bake, and cook at 180° C for 30 minutes. Remove the cake and add the lemon peel and chopped hazelnuts to decorate.

Patrick Biedenkapp: the pilot who invites his followers to fly towards their dreams

Pilot, influencer, blogger, and writer Patrick Beidenkapp is well-known worldwide thanks to his digital platforms. Well-equipped, with his Drone, GoPro, and cameras, this thirty-year-old man travels around Europe shooting amazing photos. However, how can a pilot have so many followers? We asked him this very question in this interview…

How did you become a pilot?

To become a pilot, I attended a specific professional flying school. Even though having a university degree is always recommended, I decided to drop off, leave my academic studies and I directly enrolled in a flying school which, by having several exams periodically, allowed me to access the final test to become a pilot. This is a real school, that directly guides you to the final goal.

Before the arrival of the most important day, there are many tests to pass, such as theoretical exams about a strict and full knowledge of the weather and how it can easily change, especially at high altitude, of the structure of an airplane and all its parts, etc. Moreover, there were also practical exams. In the end, here I am, a 32-year-old pilot-influencer who started flying 20 years ago.

Despite being pilot, you are also a famous influencer, with almost 800,000 followers. How can you combine the two jobs?

Being a pilot hasn’t just been my profession since ever, but it is also my greatest passion. All my life has been imprinted to reach this goal. Being an influencer/blogger is a spontaneously- born activity, as a simple consequence. I have never forced it, I simply wanted to tell my followers my everyday life, the real-life of a pilot. No one had thought about it before (at least, not on social networks).  

In a short time, I realized that people loved my content and so I properly equipped myself, as a real influencer (with a camera, a drone, and a GoPro) and the activity started to catch on… Now I do two different jobs. To be sincere, in the last few months I couldn’t fly because of Covid-19 and so I could work much more on my social networks.

Among all the things you do, you also wrote a book. Why? What is it about?

The book “My glamorously unglamorous life as a jet-set pilot” was written by me, as a pilot, and it tells my story, how I reached this goal and all the experiences that were necessary to achieve this notorious title. I wrote what I usually don’t say on social media. Everyone thinks that being a pilot is an easy and luxurious job, and that’s why I decided to talk about the more fragile and negative aspects of this profession. I get naked by telling shocking moments that I have experienced, stories of people I had on board, problems related to the world of aviation.

I fight on the front line, and this book proves it so that one day even our sector will be featured by equality, where today, unfortunately, prejudices about sexual orientation and skin color are still the order of the day. Writing this book has been a form of personal liberation. I strongly hope that it will open the eyes of those who hope to work in this sector with all of themselves.

Since I was young, I have always wanted to write a book to tell my story. Many people think that I tell all my life on social media, but the fact is that I show only a small part of myself, skipping some important pieces that I never talk about. With the book, I could express all of myself without filters.

Will you keep on being both an influencer and a pilot in future? Who do you imagine yourself in 10 years?

Pilot and influencer are two jobs that go perfectly together: I am more and more passionate about photos and videos! In 10 years, I imagine myself as a spokesperson for diversity, an example for those who do this work. I want them to be able to work feel free to be themselves, without prejudices. I also dream to open a shop where I can sell products related to the world of aviation. Finally, I would like to convince people to be proud of who they are and to motivate them to pursue their dreams freely, no matter their sexual orientation and the color of their skin.