Manuel Vega: between the passion for cinema and the catwalks of the world

A young boy named Manuel Vega, also known as “Manu Vega”, was born in 1993. His father, Felipe Vega, is a filmmaker, and it was through his father’s films that Manuel’s passion for dramatic art was ignited. At the tender age of 11, Manuel had the opportunity to participate in one of his father’s movies, titled Women in the Park, which awakened his curiosity for the world of acting.
As Manuel grew older, his interests expanded beyond acting. At 16, he embarked on a modeling career, catching the attention of renowned brands like Armani and Calvin Klein, becoming an exclusive world image for the latter in Europe. His striking looks and talent attracted esteemed photographers such as Mario Testino, Chesko López, and Rudy Martínez. His face graced the pages of prestigious magazines like Vogue, GQ and Esquire, propelling him further into the spotlight.

Manuel Vega
Manuel Vega

The beginning of his career in the world of cinema

However, Manuel’s journey was not limited to the glamorous world of modeling. After living in vibrant cities like Paris, Milan, and New York City, he felt the calling to pursue academic training. At 19, he gained admission to the Royal Higher School of Dramatic Art (RESAD), where he honed his skills and completed a 4-year degree with honors.
While still studying, Manuel began to make waves in the Spanish audiovisual industry. Balancing his time between classes and the screen, he appeared in popular Spanish series such as Secretos de Estado, El Continental, and Cupido, gradually carving out a niche for himself in the captivating world of Spanish television.
In 2020, an exciting new chapter unfolded as Manuel decided to take a leap of faith and move to Los Angeles. Signing with CESD Talent, an esteemed company led by the prominent agent Carlos Carreras, marked a significant turning point in his career. With the support of his new team, Manuel’s international journey began to take flight.
Hollywood beckoned, and Manuel Vega was ready to conquer the silver screen. He starred alongside acting legends like Ron Perlman in The Caddy, sharing the screen with remarkable talents in projects like The Deal featuring Oscar Jaenada and Maite Perroni, Lobo Feroz with Javier Gutiérrez, Juana Acosta, and Adriana Ugarte, and With the Years I Have Left alongside Regina Blandón and Aislinn Derbez.
But Manuel’s ambitions knew no bounds. He also ventured into the Latin American market, leaving his mark on television with captivating performances in series such as The Game of Keys and Heirs by Accident. The world watched in anticipation as he showcased his versatility and charisma across different mediums.
Today, Manuel Vega finds himself at a crossroads, straddling the vibrant cities of Los Angeles, Mexico, and Spain. As he awaits the release of several highly anticipated film projects, the next chapter of his story is yet to be written. One thing is certain – his passion, talent, and unwavering determination will continue to drive him towards even greater heights in the mesmerizing world of entertainment.

Manuel Vega
Manuel Vega

Modelling came into my life rather by accident. I was ordering food at a fast food restaurant near my flat when a woman came up to me and tried to talk to me…. she asked if she could take some pictures of me.

Dear Mr. Vega, thank you very much for accepting our interview. You started modelling when you were 16 years old. Do you have some memorabilia from that time?

First of all, thank you very much for your time. It’s a pleasure to be here. It’s funny because modelling came into my life rather by accident. I was ordering food at a fast food restaurant near my flat when a woman came up to me and tried to talk to me….
I was not exactly the easiest kid to deal with at the time, and as you can imagine, I thought she was messing with me when she asked if she could take some pictures of me because I was “very good looking”. She said she was a photographer and was working on her new portfolio, and for some reason I finally agreed, hahahaha. Long story short, we went to a hotel, she took the photos and nothing weird happened. She sent me the photos and I used them on my social media, nothing else happened until 3 months later I got a call from Fernando Merino from UNO Models. He told me that he had seen the photos somewhere and wanted to meet me. I still remember the first meeting with him.
He said I could earn some extra money as a model, and I found that a rather unpleasant offer, since modelling was not part of my plans. A week later I was walking at Madrid Fashion Week, and two weeks later I was in Milan between castings.

It was not until Virgil Abloh “exploded” with Off-White, Nike and LV that I really found a way to express myself through clothing. It was through his work that I fell in love with fashion.

Do you have some favourite designers and how would you describe your clothing style?

To be honest, I didn’t have a personal connection to fashion as a model. I liked high fashion brands because of the glamorous world they belong to, but not because I thought I belonged. It was not until Virgil Abloh “exploded” with Off-White, Nike and LV that I really found a way to express myself through clothing. I grew up in a neighbourhood where streetwear was my thing. It was through his work that I fell in love with fashion.

What do you think about the current neo-baby trend?

I think it’s always been a part of our lives and a pejorative term that I don’t like. Even if you are lucky enough to have someone who makes your life easier because they are well connected, I think at the end of the day you have to show what you are capable of or it’s not going to work out, no matter how good the relationships are.

Manuel Vega
Manuel Vega

What I like about my profession is that acting can be done anywhere and it’s based on the same premise: To convey feelings, emotions and stories through images.

You are both popular in the U.S. and Latin American entertainment worlds. What are the most exciting characteristics of these two worlds?

What I like about my profession is that acting can be done anywhere and it’s based on the same premise: To convey feelings, emotions and stories through images. However, the peculiarity of the film industry is really different. It’s a cultural thing. Not only do Americans have larger structures, but they have a different way of working with each other. People usually think they are very distant and cold when they work, but I think they are just more practical. Latinos and Hispanics have the same roots and the differences are minimal in that respect. But one of the things I enjoy most about my job is the fact that I can be in many different places, speaking different languages, but doing the same work.

Can you give us a little taste of your future projects?

I can’t say anything yet! It sounds like an excuse that all actors use, but it’s actually true. I just finished a film comedy with Vadhir Derbez for Disney and I’m preparing 3 more projects for this year. I am very, very excited about all these projects. I wish I could tell you more.

Manuel Vega in a campaign for Calvin Klein
Manuel Vega in a campaign for Calvin Klein

Movies are my passion and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Have you ever considered a plan B in your life? Is there anything else that really excites you besides acting?

I’m one of those people who think if you have a plan B, it’s because you are not 100% focused on the real thing. Acting is what makes me happy and makes me feel good. But if I had to pick something other than acting, it would still have to be something related to the film industry. Movies are my passion and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Is there an Italian director you would like to work with?

MANY! I know I can’t because they are no longer with us, but Vittorio De Sica…. I saw Ladri di biciclette as a kid, and that film is still one of my favourites. Fellini, Amarcord is also one of my all-time favourite films.Contemporary directors I admire and would love to work with are Guadagnino and Sorrentino. Who wouldn’t want to work with them, right? Ahahah.

What music are you listening to these days?

I’m always moving between different styles of music. I like classics like Stan Getz and Paco de Lucia, but also something modern like Polo & Pan and Michael Bibi. I listen to those every day now.

In the end, your life mantra.

Something I always tell myself that I got from Virgil Abloh. “Dreams come true when you are not sleeping”.

Face to face with Cazwell, pioneer of “queer rap”

MANINTOWN talks – exclusively – about civil rights, fashion, creativity and much more with Cazwell, a “queer rap” superstar capable of capturing the Zeitgeist like no other, DJ, producer and clothing brand owner.


As a pioneer of the queer rap scene, how is the American scene evolving, especially in Los Angeles?

Well, I think as far as queer is involved in hip hop, it’s evolving the same way the rest of the world is.
It started to evolve when the Internet came out. I’ve done this and put out music before the Internet, but I just think that the Internet just gave the opportunity for exposure for all different types of artists from all backgrounds, cultures, and subcultures.

About LA I feel there are more people involved with rapping in the queer community. Just the same I see in San Francisco and Boston and New York and and all over the world. Also Atlanta. I think that it’s evolving everywhere kind of at the same time as queer people feel more comfortable expressing themselves.

“I think that even though we have different perspectives and we write about different things, I think that we can connect with our pain”

Turning back to the fact that you’ve been the first doing it, opening the path for so many people, how does it feel? I mean, You have an important voice, and I see that quite often you stand out also for many political statements and humanitarian causes and civil rights. So do you think the point of the question is, do you think the actual generation is more focused on fashion and how they do they look, what they carry in another way, or they’re just more focused on expressing themselves?

I think that everybody’s different, that there have always been some artists, whether they’re queer or not, that lean more politically, and some that lean towards the same as the city girls are just talking about getting money and fashion and popping bottles and things like that. It’s all about the individual. I think that even though we have different perspectives and we write about different things, I think that we can connect with our pain.
But I think it’s an interesting question because I don’t think that queer people are necessarily pressured to write about anything specific as opposed to maybe a straight rapper that is in the industry, signed by a label that is supposed to talk about certain things.
Whether or not it’s like there are certain things expected by you for your songs to be about when you’re in the industry as opposed to when you are not. And obviously, there are more queer people involved in hip hop that are not in the industry that are still putting out music independently. So they probably have more freedom to rap about whatever is on their mind.

“Missy Elliot has been a huge inspiration for me. And I think she’s truly set out a blueprint that a lot of queer people I’ve seen use”

If you could pick a mainstream artist to collaborate with, whom would it be and why?

I mean, I would collaborate with Beyoncé. I love Beyonce, But also if I had to choose someone that made the most sense for me, it would probably be Missy Elliot, just because she’s been a huge inspiration for me. And I think she’s truly set out a blueprint that a lot of queer people I’ve seen use. I’ve used as far as utilizing music to not necessarily be about sex or drugs or violence, but to just be about fun. And that’s where I always came from in the first place. Missy has always inspired me. She’s always been ahead of the time. Oh yeah. And I remember in the late 90s I was starting my career and she had dropped the first album. She was and still is so creative with music and visuals.
Everything was gangster rap. It was the East Coast versus West Coast mentality. Even Salt’n’Pepa would do a gangster rap around that time. And then she came out with a completely different attitude and sound, and she just kind of inspires me to hit them where they don’t see you coming and just don’t be afraid to go the direction that nobody else is going in. So I think Missy Elliot, I think we would do a great song together.

“Daddy department has instilled a sense of brotherhood in me with other gay men my age, which has been very healthy for me”

Could you tell us more about the DNA of your Daddy department label? 

Well, in 2020, I wanted to start a new business, and I wanted to do clothing, and I was considering bringing back “Ice cream truck” underwear, which I did in 2014, and was very successful. But making underwear is difficult and my very good friend JC, whom I did a couple of songs with, had an idea for a brand that he wanted to get off the ground called Daddy Department and his whole Instagram was called like that. And he would keep talking to me for advice on how to do it. And then, I don’t know, I turned to him, I’m like, ‘do you want to just do this together?

So we started and we took a year to get all our ideas together and flush everything out so we could focus on what we wanted and find out the brand DNA. It took three months to come up with the right font.
The font is original. We wanted something gender neutral and we wanted something like – the slogan for the brand is “unfashionable clothing for unfashionable people”. So we wanted it to be simple.
We focused on it for a year and we dropped it on February 21st. And it’s been successful so far. We’ve done good and we’re continuing to grow. Also what I love about the brand is that I work in music and I work with young artists and I work with young people. It’s an opportunity for me to get close to people my age for my generation because I’m usually not around that I don’t know, I feel like it’s something that also helps me with the idea of getting older.

It’s something for me to put my creativity in that my face doesn’t have to be in. So, for instance, I don’t have to do sit-ups for a music video for this. I don’t have to make sure I go to the gym, lay off my carbs, or drop something on the Daddy department. It has instilled a sense of brotherhood in me with other gay men my age, which has been very healthy for me. So that’s really what it’s about for me. And we just dropped tank tops, and we have Daddy Beach shirts coming soon., it will change your life. 

“I’m putting out a compilation album this summer with a kind of like the Cazwell Greatest Hits”

What are you currently working on? 

Well, the Daddy department takes up a lot of my time, but I’m putting out a compilation album this summer with a kind of like the Cazwell Greatest Hits, like “I saw Beyoncé at Burger King’s”, “All Over your Face”, with my original record label, Peace Bizquit Records. Yeah, so we’re going to put out, like, a casual compilation, like greatest hits, remastered versions of the song.
And I’m going to have, like, one or two new songs on the album, so I’ll be pushing that. I also have a couple of singles coming out besides that this summer, and I have an EP coming out in October with a different vibe, so I have a lot to do. Then I’m DJing like, six nights a week, so and there’s a new club here, a new bar that I’m at like twice a week.

Cazwell queer

“I cannot rest until I feel like my trans brothers and sisters feel safe, you know?”

Are you supporting right now any causes that you particularly feel close to your heart? 

Yeah, there’s one that I try to use any Influence that I possibly have or any attention that I can bring to trans rights and for everything that trans people are going through right now.
My song is called “Damn, I look Good”, I gave the proceeds to The Sylvia Rivera project. Sylvia Rivera Law Project, the SRLP. And what it does is it helps trans people with things they have to do with the government and with the law. So it helps them with changing their name and helps them with their court. Called Trans Defense Fund La, and what they are they send out free defence packages to trans women. So you get, like, a defence pack that will come with, like, a taser and mace and a sound thing and anything that you need to protect yourself. And there’s a link for that at the end of my video for “Taser in my Telfar bag”.

And so I feel very compelled to bring attention to trans issues, especially as a gay white man, because I feel like a lot of gay white men, don’t feel like it’s their job anymore.
Of course, that’s not all of them, but there are a lot of people in the LGBTQAI+ that don’t necessarily feel a reason to defend trans people or they feel or they don’t feel like it’s all connected. It’s all connected to homophobia, which is all connected to misogyny. And I cannot rest until I feel like my trans brothers and sisters feel safe, you know? Especially right now, more than ever before, trans women are the target of so much evil. So I feel like this is our fight, and we have to fight like it’s us, because it is us. 

“The number one video for me is ‘Get my money back'”

Let’s end up in the happiest way possible. Name your top three videos that you like the most.

Okay. Coming in at number three would be my video for “Bad, Bad Boys” that I dropped in October in which me and my homeboys were a band of werewolves. I love it and am proud of it, with that special effects makeup.

Coming in at number two, I would say the “Loose Wrists” video with the lace outfits. That was a labour of love. And my good friend whom I love so much, designer Hoza Rodriguez, has been a great support for me. He’s always had my back. I wanted him to make the lace outfits, which at first were to be simply pastel-colored dresses, a callback to a Versace commercial from the ’90s with different supermodels, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, all wearing sporty terrycloth pieces, so I said to myself, “I want to do that.”

In the end though we couldn’t use colors, just white, not sexy at all, until I came up with the idea of lace: I had a memory of a guy wearing a dress in this material for the New York Pride. Hoza did it all and posted a photo of the looks, noticed immediately by The Shade Room, Time, and other magazines.

The number one video, though, is “Get My Money Back”, another labor of love, a kind of “Ice Cream Truck” on steroids, with fifty guys instead of seven, inspired by the movie “Fight Club”, the idea of a group of men living in a common space where they fought, lived and did everything together. Also, I had seen a National Geographic documentary on bonobo chimpanzees, in which it explained how the females are in control of their tribes, the males relax and masturbate; I thought we should all do like the bonobos, so I included monkeys in flannel shirts, hats, and shorts in the clip-one of the best videos ever!

Skin 689: essential beauty for the contemporary gentleman

Manintown meets Max von Troschke, Managing Partner of skin689 (skincare luxury products made in Switzerland).

Max von Troschke is an entrepreneur in the luxury beauty and skincare routine’s field. A maximum expert to achieve eternal youth. When it comes to resolve problems for having a toned skin, he’s the voice to listen to. Man in Town met him and asked him some QS about the perfect and essential beauty routine for men.

Skin and beauty. What are the latest trends for radiant skin for a man?

Consumers are demanding in regard to performance – and knowledgeable in regard to ingredients. Among other things we see a continued trend towards performance with proven efficacy and active ingredients from medical research.

As a beauty expert, what does your product range offer to your clients in order to improve how they look? in other words, your brand philosophy.

We are all about firm skin and defined contours for the body. With innovative ingredients and proven efficacy.

Do’s and don’ts for men in the field of beauty treatment. Help our readers not to get lost in the welter of products on the market and recommend an effective essential routine.

As often less is more. Most treatments are only effective when done regularly. So when you cannot add it to your routine don’t even start. And look for proven efficacy.

Tell us about your new 2021 products.

We just launch a new crème for tummy and hips – with dual power against fat cells.

How was skin689 born? I guess constant training is necessary. What fascinates you about this world day after day? 

We started off with a revolutionary active ingredient. This was discovered in medical research. In clinical studies we proved its effects on elasticity (collagen fibres) and fat cells – and brought it to cosmetics. At skin689 we are thrilled to bring true innovation to the market. 

Your brand’s next goals. 

We remain focused on the body, with cosmeceutical products that really work. For that, we keep researching and scouting for new ingredients to further boost the efficacy of our products.

Chef in Town: the best restaurants in Porto Ercole- Costa d’Argento

Porto Ercole is a state of mind. Here everything is possible: while drinking a cappuccino at 11 am in a bar at the harbor, you might see the film director Paolo Sorrentino with his son going to the pier and ready to get on a boat. Even the most famous digital businesswoman, Chiara Ferragni, comes to have lunch with her sisters in one of the most globally quoted fine dining gourmet restaurants, which will be mentioned in this article dedicated to the best restaurants in the maritime village Monte Argentario in Tuscany. Well, even though we are not in the splendors of the ’60s, the jet-set still loves this exclusive place. To tell the truth, a record number of visitors has been recorded in summer 2020. Come here to believe it. But above all, to enjoy breathtaking views and delicious seafood dishes. 

Il Pellicano

A deep passion for Mediterranean cuisine is Michelino Gioia‘s secret. He makes traditional Italian recipes unique, turning them into contemporary creations through innovative techniques. Thus, it is not just a riot of flavors, but its specialty lies in the chromatic combinations of the dish presentation. 

There are two key points for the creation of each recipe: giving the proper value to the products’ naturalness and reinforcing the connection with the territory. The abundance of Tuscan raw materials from sea and land takes shape in divine dishes to taste in the moonlight. At  Il Pellicano restaurant (which is in the homonymous hotel run by Marie Louise Sciò, one of the most famous in the world), chef Michelino Gioia offers a traditional Italian cuisine that at times blends cleverly with international flavors.

All the chef’s favorite raw materials such as pigeons, oysters, red mullets, lobster, and shrimps are part of the menu, created with passion and love. At the end of every dinner, a cart with artisanal chocolate is offered to all guests. Amongst the seasonal specialties, the chef proposes lobster, “pappa al pomodoro”, ricotta and lovage, Anguilla di Orbetello (the town close to Porto Ercole, famous for this kind of fish), duck and parmigiana.

Alicina Hosteria 

A special place where to taste the sea at zero km. 

Ivan Silvestri is the chef patron of Alicina Hosteria, a little veranda right in the center of the Tuscan village, close to the harbor. Even Chiara Ferragni and her sisters chose to eat in this small and cozy restaurant. Silvestri’s devotion led him to be mentioned in the Gambero Rosso, L’ Espresso, and Michelin guides. Alicina’s winery has more than 300 labels, “because the customer needs to be at the top” – claimed the owner – including Bellavista and Corion Charlemagne. The menu varies throughout the year following the philosophy of ” the sea at zero km”. All raw materials are bought at the fishmongers along Porto Ercole seafront. Therefore, the menu changes according to the season. 

Silvestri is working on the products’ seasonality and a new dessert menu. Amongst his must-have, he mentions the “snowball” topped with vodka foam or the coconut, mango and lime cake. Amongst the main courses, there is “fusilli cacio e pepe” with bottarga, a dish that he presented on the occasion of Festa a Vico, organized by chef Gennarino Esposito. The dish was appreciated by the national food critic. Amongst the news of summer 2021, Silvestro mentions the delivery and takeaway.

Il Ristorantino 

A melting pot of cultures and love for the land. 

Il Ristorantino, a pearl of Costa d’Argento, is located in the town center in front of San Paolo della Croce Church. It is a spin-off of the Nobili Santi restaurant. The owners Paola Sclano and Bilel Mabrouk have refined their culinary expertise following Moreno Santi’s footsteps, one of the most beloved chefs in the area. In 2019, they decided to open Il Ristorantino, an eclectic and elegant gourmet restaurant. 

Paola Sclano is from Porto Ercole, Bibel Mabrouk is from Tunisy, but adoptive Italian. From this cultural culinary mix, a varied menu comes out, but it always stays true to the Maremman tradition: a menu made of tradition, revisitation and originality. 

The cuisine, simple but refined, is based on fresh seafood. But they also offer an excellent choice of meat dishes that satisfy any palate, from the starters to the main courses. The desserts are the restaurant’s flagship: the “cornucopia” filled with mascarpone and with crunchy waffle and berries or melted chocolate; the “croccantino”, a parfait with a crunchy hazelnut base and melted chocolate. The signature dish is “tagliolini with clams, shrimps and zucchini”, made with fresh egg pasta and a sauce with garlic, oil, parsley, clams, zucchini slices, and shrimps. 

Chef in Town- a food and beverage column curated by

Intl Editor Francesca Romana Riggio

The best apps for mindfulness and meditation

So, do you still think that individualism, an ancient dogma that the 80s with paleoconservatism have perpetrated in the minds, is still the only way possible? It seems now, more than ever, with this pandemic situation that is making us think about the way we treat our environment, but also how the economic system is collapsing, and, last but not least, how we treat and heal our body, that we actually need a refresh to follow new paths. And mostly, to have new mindset. This is a way of conceiving life typical of the East.

These people (differently from the West which has always focused on the machines’ development) has a centuries’ tradition of in-depth knowledge of body’s study. Prepare to listen to your body and other’s is a revolutionary practice. Probably the most effective in times of crisis like this. 

Technology helps us as always! There are several apps and websites on meditation and mindfulness available for download on your tablets and mobile phones. What are you waiting for? Your spiritual revolution starts now! Myfitnesspal, for example, offers tips to stay healthy and active. The site imediatly specifies that meditation not only helps concentration, but also athletic performance. initially proposes three techniques to have more meditation in our lives, and then goes deeper. Then Serenity app is focused on daily meditation.

The proposal starts with level 1 (basic), to move on to expansion (level 2) up to continuous meditation (level 6). But this is only the beginning: then there is the advanced meditation course which includes 24 steps. The app has intuitive graphics. Finally we point out Simple Habit: meditation App. It is a daily meditation app for busy people. The strong point is the initial screen that offers various aids to the user: from getting better sleep to reducing anxiety. Then, after selecting your goal, you set the time and access the course with a small fee.

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Exhibitions currently or soon on air worldwide

Despite Covid-19 is nourishing worldwide terrible feelings about our future (actually it seems to live in an Orwell’s dystopic novel), yes, big surprise, the world itself it’s not stopping.

Many museums, for example, have organized online tours to visit them, or in some areas not that much affected by this terrible pandemic virus, it’s still possible to have a lovely visit to spend our beloved free time. From music through art and fashion and more, here is a list of the best exhibitions currently or soon visitable worldwide. 

Patrick Kelly: The Journey

Patrick Kelly, rebel fashion genius, who knew how to combine American folk and his African American descendants in his creations, is honored with an exhibition. Precisely at the Scad Fish in Savannah, in the States.

With its button-style revolution, funky quotes and pop virtuosity he enchanted the stars in the 1980s. And we’re talking about stars with a capital S: Paloma Picasso, Pat Cleveland, Madonna, and Goldie Hawn, to mention a few. The exhibition dedicated to the United States’ designer, entitled “Patrick Kelly: the Journey” is the result of the long research of the artist Derrick Adams in the archive of the designer who died in 1990.

Adams is a connoisseur of black culture, or rather a great part of his production both as an artist and as curator derives from his color identity. Especially it revolves around the models of Afro culture in America. So the link between these two figures represented the most natural choice for the curator of the museum hosting the exhibition, Alexandra Sachs.

The contemporary artist and curator Adams was thus able to make a full immersion among the memorabilia, sketches and many other objects that belonged to the designer and that are located at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in New York. Among these rare memorabilia, there is also the proposal written on a sheet, a sort of dedication written by the poet Maya Angelou to write a book on the life of Patrick Kelly.

Adams commented on Kelly’s production stating that his production was heavily influenced by the social context of his time and an overwhelming sense of humor. The exhibition features abstract collages and Adams sculptures made with patterns, embroidery and other original materials from Patrick Kelly’s archives. This exhibition is currently present in the American museum until 19 July 2020.

The Clash: London Calling

An anthem for London and the entire world, this exhibition goes behind the scene of an epic album: ‘London Calling‘ by the Clash. the Museum of London showcases images, music, memories and personal objects, from the band’s history – some never seen before – in a free display.

London Calling, a milestone of contemporary music, was generally about London, with narratives featuring both fictional and life-based characters. Journalist Sal Ciolfi once stated that “the songs encompass an arrangement of urban narratives and characters, and touch on themes such as sex, depression and identity crisis”.

A melting pot of musical styles, driven by a passion for action and a fierce desire for social justice. this new exclusive display at the Museum of London examines how London itself influenced The Clash as they became the most popular British band of the 20th century.

Jeff Koons: Absolute Value

An exhibition featuring over three decades of works by renowned American artist now open at Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Curated by Donor Rabina. Absolute Value offers a full immersion into Koon’s several languages of expression and techniques from different periods of production. Koons’s first solo exhibition in Israel showcases twelve large-scale works from the last three decades: Balloon Dog (Orange) (1994-2000).

Mirror-polished stainless steel and finished with an orange transparent coating sculpture, Bear and Policeman (1988) from the Banality series; Dolphin Taz Trashcan (2007–11) from the Popeye series, and Hulk (Rock) (2004–13) from the Hulk Elvis series. 

Also showcased a sculpture’s balloon form of the prehistoric Venus figurines depicting a stylized figure of a female form: Balloon Venus Dolni Vestonice (Violet) (2013–17) from the Antiquity series. A quote from the artist itself well represents his production: “Art to me is a humanitarian act, and I believe that there is a responsibility that art should somehow be able to affect mankind, to make the world a better place (this is not a cliche!)”.

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Style and travel tips: Cape Town

Are you looking for groundbreaking things to do in Cape Town? Take a break from your metropolis. Few cities offer museums and beaches and different types of shops such as the capital of South Africa.

A fusion of African and Western Aesthetics, fabrics, leather and other materials, gems and precious stones, tributes to the incomparable local cultures. Shopping in Cape Town is an interesting selection in the form of fabrics, leather and other materials. The capital also hosts large international brands and convenient malls where you can enjoy the view of breathtaking bays behind large windows in colorful or minimal stores of both emerging and international brands, boutiques in iconic neighborhoods such as Long, Bree and Kloof.

The V&A Waterfront is the most visited shop that combines a five-segment design, a port opposite the Table mountain. Various activities in and outdoor. What is it? Market, book a trip by helicopter. For shopping (which never hurts on vacation) purchased from “Millionaire’s Mile”. Kat van Duinen is a luxury spot with a vast selection of exquisitely manufactured exotic hint dresses. Quintessential is the production of ethical feathers (such as ostrich and materials such as python) that we find on the bamboo handbag handles.

In other words, cheaper versions of Gucci’s Bamboo. 2Bop is a streetwear brand inspired by arcade video game machines that marked the Nineties in South Africa. The name comes from the slang used to insert the coin needed to start the game. Do not miss the surprises in this metropolis with a wild soul. Exorbitant ticket apart, don’t you already feel like going on an adventure?

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