PETINTOWN: gift ideas for your pet

Christmas is coming and it means only one thing: it’s time to amaze those we love with wonderful gifts. And for whom do we feel more, if not for our faithful four-legged roommates? It is a good thing that they find a little present under the tree to be discarded “on six legs” and spend a special moment with us.

Here, you can find some ideas, suitable for every budget, that will allow you to make happy those who share time and emotions with us, our dogs and cats. From the most traditional and useful gifts to the most curious ones. Let yourself be inspired and then run to buy and pack for your favorite paw, in return you will receive even more affection!

To enchant our dogs we relied on Toonpet, a stylish e-commerce boutique, founded a year ago and curated by real dog enthusiasts and fashion lovers, who select objects and create collections to make our puppies feel more and more special and fashion.


donut bed toonpet

This hairy and comfortable kennel is designed to wrap your puppy during his numerous and extreme naps and prevents the deterioration of his coat. Thanks to its round shape, this high-quality kennel is ideal for animals that love to curl up! The raised edge creates a sense of security and provides support for the head and neck, while the super-soft padding offers relief from joint and muscle pain. Cozy, flexible, finished with synthetic fur and self-heating, reminiscent of a mother’s fur! Toonpet has selected for us two models and a range of colors, making it a perfect addition to the decor of each room. Finished with funds resistant to water and dirt, it helps prevent accidental discomfort from reaching your floors.


Larry – The Winter Parka

Dress your furry little friend and make him feel protected from the cold. Larry – the Winter parka, is a stylish, warm and comfortable accessory, equipped with a back pocket that allows you to bring with you some crunchy or walkies bags to picks up after him. Available in blue and suitable for small and medium-sized dogs. Easy to wear and clean!


From a day in the outdoors together, to the journeys and trips typical of the holidays, Pet-a-porter, the collection of luxury bags made by hand, is a must-have to transport your four-legged friend comfortably and safely: lets you take it wherever you need to go and let it discover new places with you. Click on the link to discover the different seasonal models available in more colors, from pastel for the summer, or polka throughout the year, to Herringbone fabric for a winter mood. They are all customizable with the name of your pet!


poshy me bathrobe

Winter brings rain, snow and cold and every time you and your dog come home from the walk, he deserves to come back clean with a nice bath. In the Toon Spa category, you will find a selection of bathrobes to make your puppy feel just like in a wellness center. The band to be tied at the waist still needs the help of mom or dad to be tied. It is made of sponge fabric specially designed to absorb water.

Eat your Veggies PAJAMA

Carrot Pajama

A comfortable and warm dog is a happy dog. Toonpet has created Snoozy Pup, a capsule collection of pajamas that will wrap your puppies in total comfort. Designed for puppies, it is also suitable for small and medium-sized breeds.

Don’t tell cat if you have not bought him a Christmas gift yet! For those who are lovers of felines, we have selected some objects from the web to fascinate them


Tigrito Alessi

Tigrito is the bowl that ALESSI has created for your kitty. Available in three colors and consisting of two bowls, it brings joy to the home. Do you think your cat can recognize himself in it?



With this scratching tree, your cat will have so much to scratch, hide and jump from side to side during the day that it will no longer haunt you every 5 minutes, making you the sweet eyes to get yet another bowl of dry food



Cats have always enjoyed running after anything they roll or have a tail. For Christmas, give him this game with an irresistible consistency and a clink that stimulates the desire to play. Inside it also contains catnip. He’s already licking his mustache, what are you waiting for to buy it?


window hammock

If you have a cat you can’t help but notice how immensely you love to squat in front of the window and lookout. With this hammock, you can afford to do it with maximum comfort.


hanging brush

And have you ever caught your cat scratching its nose against the door jambs? With these innovative hanging brushes, you will allow them to scratch themselves by feeling relief and you will prevent them from hurting themselves against the hard edges of walls and doors.

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Christmas 2019: the best beauty gifts

Festive fragrances, skincare in special combinations and limited editions designed specifically for the Christmas period. For Christmas 2019, beauty, in its most sparkling garments, gives us surprises that make us dream. It’s definitely the best time of the year for experts or beauty enthusiasts!


A new collection of warm or fresh fragrances, woody or slightly floral, amber or fruity, always evocative and enveloping dedicated to the contemporary man with a retro appeal.


Those who love shaving will fall in love with The Cool Shaver pack that includes the shaving cream secret potion N.1 in 250ml format, the authentic barber product to be used with the professional brush and shaving bowl to whip cream and safety razor complete with leather razor holder, very comfortable to carry on the road.


A case dedicated to hydration, with the total non-stop hydration facial gel 24H 75 ml, Toning Shower Gel 100 ml Shaving Foam, all in the travel-bag signed The Bridge.


The casket, covered with an elegant damask pattern, includes the 50 ml eau de toilette and the 75 ml aftershave balm, to celebrate the king of everyday life.


The Beauty water box contains three essential products for glowing skin, such as the Eau de Beauté 100 ml the Mousse Nettoyante Fleur de Vigne in the 50 ml format and the Masque Instant Detox in the 15 ml version.


Diptyque wishes luck, protection and harmony with its three new candles. Their olfactory composition uses plants and ingredients with beneficial virtues and, according to an ancient Latin American legend.


The man’s excellence package contains anti-aging products such as the Nuxellence 50ml youth refill fluid, the 15ml multi-function eye contour and the 200ml multi-use shower gel.


With Series 8 Braun presents an electric shaver that offers a better shaving experience. The design of pure and essential shapes allows men to feel at their best in a simple and fast way.


A bouquet designed for the home on ‘Christmas Notes’ with the magical accord created with orange, mandarin, broom, jasmine, honey, cinnamon, walnut and Mediterranean maquis.


The Skull is the first fragrance of the famous designer, and is the result of a co-creation conceived by Philipp Plein himself and the master perfumer Alberto Morillas, highly appreciated internationally. Presented in the eau de parfum version, the perfume is a luxurious and sensual olfactory tattoo. (This December will be available only in selected PHILIPP PLEIN boutiques and on the online store in Europe and the United States).


The Rich Cream 50ml & The Body Cream 170ml is a kit that includes a facial and body cream, to benefit from an intense “from head to toe” hydration. 


The box is dedicated to the tone and anti-age protection for men with the brand’s iconic products. 


This combination of sports is supplied complete with a practical water bottle, 20ml microfoam detergent and the small but effective personal smart coach LUNA fofo.


Complementary and intense, the limited-edition fragrances by Trussardi Parfums are the perfect gift to give to their respective partners. Yin (black) and yang (white), male and female. 


The Israeli brand, famous throughout the world for its luxurious skincare collection based on precious minerals and ingredients from the Dead Sea, signs an exclusive kit for Italy created in collaboration with Moleskine. 


Also this year, REN Clean Skincare has chosen Silken Favors for the creation of the Christmas Kit with some of the top sellers of the English bio-based skincare brand, enclosed in cute boxes ready to give or to give as gifts.


Aesthetically inspired by the most famous Italian car in the world, the fragrance begins with notes of grapefruit, Timur pepper and pink pepper, which gives way to a flowery heart of geranium and Florentine iris. The shower gel completes the gift idea.


Ideal for those who love the masculine aromatic notes of bergamot, cardamom from Guatemala and dried fruit, the Iceberg For Him box contains the fragrance of the house and a shower Gel that gives softness and a unique scent to the skin.

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Christmas 2019, gift ideas between tech and lifestyle

Whether we like it or not, Christmas is approaching even this year, and with it the uncontrollable desire to amaze our loved ones with useful and above all non-trivial gift ideas. In this gallery, you will find some interesting proposals between tech and lifestyle, so as not to disfigure during the next holidays.


The David Bowie collector’s box is inspired by the unique talent and continuous reinventing of an iconic songwriter, a creative and visionary thinker. This limited edition captures the evolving identity of the singer with an iridescent case that transforms Aladdin Sane into Ziggy Stardust. Inside there is a limited edition numbered notebook that shows Bowie and his famous logo.


Sparco men’s sports watch, red silicone strap with pneumatic design.


A collector’s bottle in Limited Edition made by Polimoda students. The 250ml format is loved by an audience that is attentive to taste and form, able to reveal an innovative and refined soul, outside the traditional canons.


Jägermeister Manifest, the first super-premium reference in the range, created to satisfy the most mature and demanding palates who love a more exclusive liquor, to be savored on more relaxed occasions.


The Tequila Espolòn Blanco commemorates the history of Mexican independence in which Guadalupe and Rosarita joined the valiant military campaign of Father Miguel Hidalgo. A primary quality obtained without aging from the distillation process of pure blue agave.


La Grappa Riserva Bortolo Selection Nardini Single Cask 22 years completes the ultra-premium line “Selezione Bortolo Nardini”, the result of a project that establishes a new quality threshold for the Italian national distillate with the choice of the softest, scented and sweet grappas.


Baseball model hat. Maxi foliage logo with inner lining. 


Pelty is the only Bluetooth speaker in the world operated by the heat of the fire to reproduce the music of every device, using clean energy for its operation. 


Brown suede lace-up model 


This clock, inspired by the cosmos, sees the collaboration between Richard Mille and Pharrell Williams and is made using highly technological materials processed manually in miniature, using the most advanced technology.


GPO Union Flag Phone is inspired by the iconic push-button model, the protagonist of all homes in the 1960s, combining vintage design, classic lines and modern technology for a guaranteed British effect. 


The Papirho stool in paper with an unmistakable honeycomb structure, practical, light and at the same time resistant. Perfect both as a seat and as a side table in the living area. 


Rum Zacapa Reserva Limitada 2019 is born from the mixture of rums aged between 6 and 24 years, aged in specially selected muscatel barrels. The result is a distillate with lively notes of vanilla and wood, accompanied by citrus and floral notes. 


“Disaronno wears Diesel” is a Limited Edition with a contemporary and “gritty” style that reflects the soul of the two companies that sign it, two Italian companies appreciated internationally, united by a deep vocation for innovation and a lively creative spirit. 


Limited edition bottle of the most widely distributed whiskey in the world, just launched in Italy this Christmas. The graphic of the bottle pays tribute to the rarities and beauties of Scotland, a land so dear to the lovers of the distillate.

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Christmas cocktails

Christmas has a magical atmosphere and even bartenders from all over the world try to pass it on through special creations designed specifically for this time of year.

Here are some famous labels that you can use to amaze friends and relatives in classic evenings where everyone is together to exchange greetings.

Mare pumpkin flip


– 60 ml Sea Gin

– 1 whole egg

– 30 ml of milk

– 30 ml buttermilk

– 20 ml of pumpkin syrup beer

– Cinnamon powder


For the pumpkin syrup beer, use a beer that is not too bitter, pour it into a saucepan and mix it vigorously to remove all the CO2. Then add equal parts of sugar and pumpkin pulp, heat and add powdered cinnamon, mix until a liquid and homogeneous mixture is obtained, then let it cool.

Add all the ingredients in the shaker without ice. Shake for about 10 seconds, then add the ice and shake vigorously for another 20 seconds.

Strain into a previously cooled glass and sprinkle with nutmeg. Garnish with a piece of dehydrated pumpkin, a cinnamon stick and star anise.

Mantuano punch


– 40 ml Diplomatico Mantuano,

– 30 ml to chai

– 30 ml of apple juice

– 30 ml cranberry juice

– 10 ml of honey or maple syrup

– 2 dash angostura


Prepare an intense infusion of chai tea using twice the amount of tea. Pour all the ingredients into the punch bowl. Add apple slices, lemon slices, cinnamon sticks and some star anise pods, mix and serve hot. Garnish with a clove of red apple, lemon, a cinnamon stick and star anise.

Caorunn Alexander


– 37.5 ml Caorunn Gin

– 12.5 ml white chocolate cream

– 25 ml of cream

– 12.5 ml of milk


Combine all the ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake for a few seconds. Strain directly into the glass. Garnish with a stick of cinnamon or star anise and a sprinkling of nutmeg.

Glass: cup




– 45 ml Reserve Carlo Alberto red

– 15 ml bitter with walnuts

– 30 ml gin 209

– 20 ml muscatel ginger

– Egg white


Reverse Dry Shake & Strain. Garnish with gingerbread biscuit.


Full Moon


– 45 ml Bitter Rounge White 

– 15 ml of lime juice 

– 30 ml mandarin jam 

– 20 ml Plantation original dark 

– Alchecheng extract 


Reverse Dry Shake & Strain. Garnish with gingerbread biscuit.



– 30 ml of Acqua di Cedro

– 30 ml Plantation 3 star 

– 1 spoon of FraCk, bitter evening. No to fashion 

– 30 ml of lemon juice 

– 10 ml of sugar syrup 


Combine all the ingredients in a shaker. Shake & Strain.

Il Capitano


– 45 ml Jefferson Amaro Importante

– 15 ml Akermes of Florence

– 30 ml of lemon juice

– 20 ml of sugar syrup


Combine all the ingredients in a shaker. Reverse dry Shake & Strain. Garnish with a sprig of wild fennel.



– 45 ml Jefferson Amaro Importante 

– 15 ml Irish Whiskey 

– 30 ml of lemon juice 

– 20 ml of sugar syrup 

– egg white 


Reverse Dry Shake & Strain. Garnish with gingerbread biscuit.

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Holiday Gifts 2019: colorful design objects to love

For this Christmas, we have thought of some original gift ideas inspired with modern and innovative style. Design objects are sumptuous thoughts when we want to amaze our loved ones, the best choice to give our living room a touch of style, but also perfect last-minute gifts. Discover the selection in the gallery.


The works of the great Maestro Pesce are never the same. Handmade, these splendid contemporary objects are each accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by the creative genius. In the prolific production of chairs, cabinets, armchairs, Gaetano Pesce’s house objects are a line accessible to the collector of taste and style. Not to be missed!


The designer Stefano Giovannoni took inspiration from this meaning to create the Velvet Rabbit Chair: a seat that combines sweetness and sympathy with comfort and imagination. A chair in two versions, adult and child, in which the rabbit’s ears become a backrest. In a third version, the Rabbit chair lights up becoming also a lamp.


Stefan Beckman Studio is a New York-based design studio specialized in set design and art direction for the fashion industry. Their work has been part of the most iconic advertising and editorial campaigns of the last fifteen years. In addition to designing fashion shows for the biggest names in New York Fashion Week season after season, they plan events, fashion presentations and exhibitions around the world.

Lateral Objects is a design laboratory born within the Stefan Beckman Studio. The bold pop colors of California Art from the 60s and the Supergraphics design movement of the 70s were the inspiration for the first collection of objects that are ideal as a Christmas present, like the hand-blown gradient glasses or the coasters to match.

@stefanbeckman @lateralobjects


Missoni is the home par excellence and a must-have for lovers of multicolored patterns in bright colors and first-class fabrics and elegance. Here are the best gift ideas for this Christmas:

American set in waterproof fabric with multicolored chevron macro. Solid color matching napkin.

Unisex hooded bathrobe in curly terry/cut quality cotton. Motif small multicolored dice. 100% cotton.

Plaid embroidered in Polyester, with chevron pattern lurex. With fringes. Measure 130×180 cm.


Food à porter is a lunch box that doesn’t look like a lunch box, but an elegant fashion accessory. A functional and beautiful object, to be worn as a bag with a sophisticated design.

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The myth of Ralph Lauren lives on in “Very Ralph”

Who says “Ralph Lauren” immediately thinks about America. It is from this idea that the ‘Very Ralph’ documentary film directed and produced by Susan Lacy, broadcast on HBO and exclusively in Italy on Sky Arte on 16 November, starts. The director who has already signed two powerful works, one on Steven Spielberg and the other on Jane Fonda, both biopic in the form of documentary storytelling, took 10 years to be able to interview Ralph Lauren and get to define the film project with him.

“I prepared myself carefully to carry out this project which required 15 interviews with the designer and six months of work, I love Ralph Lauren because his fashion is wearable; the difficulty was making a film that was my film, not Lauren’s, but I think I succeeded, Ralph Lauren always had a vision and got on a train that he didn’t love, just to quote Anna Wintour ”, the designer explained at the press conference of the documentary film.

Presented as a preview at the 2019 Rome Film Festival (the fourteenth of the festival), the film is particularly interesting and full of information in the first part of Ralph Lipschitz’s childhood, the real name of the Russian-born Jewish designer, born in New York in the Bronx from a painter and artist father who passed on his passion for color and art.

Ralph Lauren is the embodiment of the American dream, a self made man who loves luxury racing cars, houses furnished with refinement and without paying attention, dogs, horses, old Hollywood, cinema and his wife, Nicky, his muse because as the designer says in the film: “his is a natural beauty, I see my ideal woman with long hair in the wind on a convertible”. And the American women have since followed him.

Everything started from menswear where Ralph (not alone of course, there was also Giorgio Armani and Calvin Klein who in fact appears in the film) revolutionized the style: if before him the men dressed in uniform (Flugel spoke of the ‘great renunciation ‘), already towards the end of the 60s with the youth protest, Ralph thought that men needed a glamorous and sexy wardrobe, more casual but no less elegant. A synthesis of American pop spirit, leisurewear and tailoring made in Savile Row that conquered American men.

From ties with an unprecedented breadth and bright colors that he sold in an office in the empire state building in the Big Apple, Ralph Lauren came to the entire wardrobe, conquering the windows of Bloomingdale’s and the first to believe in Ralph Lauren. He had devised new combinations, the vintage Jimi Hendrix-style military jacket on formal trousers, the tweed jacket on jeans to wear with Texan boots, and already in 1970 he reformulated the codes of men’s fashion in the wake of the London peacock revolution and of the great turning point in menswear introduced by Yves Saint Laurent, Ted Lapidus and Pierre Cardin.

Sportswear mixed with the formal, in the wake of the success of the colorful polo shirts with the symbol of the little horse, the polo shirt because for Ralph it represents the quintessential elite sport. Ralph’s icons are Frank Sinatra, Fred Astaire, Cary Grant. Ralph Lauren wanted to be an actor or film director and cinema is predominant in the evocative and aspirational aesthetic of the star-and-strip brand.

Then came the female ready-to-wear that contaminates the country style, the taste of the American wasp aristocracy (very present in the Ralph Lauren collections), the ’30s look of Hollywood stars, the safari-style and the native American folk, the upholstery taste, the Victorian look, etc. Ralph Lauren’s fashion is a bit of a collage, a form of eclecticism as told in the film.

Everything is elegance and beauty and the designer clearly says that he is not an avant-gardist but that he focuses on a timeless contemporary classic. The second part of the documentary is unnecessarily hagiographic and seems a political statement in favor of the American style: the Americans, unlike the Italians, are squared and do not make war in ridiculous skirmishes as they use the principles of Italian fashion. Vanessa Friedman and Anna Wintour add to the dose by breaking a razor-sharp spear for Ralph’s world, almost as if Ralph Lauren had invented fashion globally, a mistake dictated by a clearly celebratory and even somewhat mystifying understanding.

We save the part where it is said that Ralph Lauren opened to inclusion and to models and colored models: Tyson Beckford, a beautiful muscular model photographed for the first time in magazines by Bruce Weber (author of the media success of Ralph Lauren in planetary level) in a formal pinstripe suit, and Naomi Campbell, the ‘black Venus’ who, as the director reveals, “was difficult to contact because she is always very busy”. And the rappers indeed stole his bosses in department stores because they consider them a status symbol (and Kanye West who is another male ebony icon who often wears Ralph Lauren even in concerts).

Valuable reconstruction through the testimonies of Woody Allen, Calvin Klein, Hillary Clinton, Tyson Beckford, Karl Lagerfeld, André Leon Talley, Jason Wu, Martha Stewart, the aforementioned Vanessa Friedman (who exalts Lauren and punctually crushes Italian and French designers because they do not they are Americans), Paul Golderberger and others. Listed on Wall Street since 1997, Ralph Lauren is a billionaire empire spread throughout the world and needs no fanfare or panegyrics.

Moreover, in the film there is a fundamental omission: Ralph Lauren designed the magnificent costumes for Robert Redford in the movie ‘The Great Gatsby’ (1973) and those of Diane Keaton for ‘Io e Annie’ by Woody Allen (1977) where he wears Diane Keaton in men’s clothing: vests, ties, large hats, mannish jackets.

In this we regret to admit it Ralph Lauren was not an absolute innovator as the film would have us believe: already Giorgio Armani prophet of androgynous minimalism, in an age of female emancipation dressed the super manager Marisa Bellisario with ‘power-dressing’ outfits inspired by the book ‘Dress for success’. And he dressed Richard Gere just like a dandy style ‘The great Gatsby in‘ American Gigolò ’.

Armani brought fashion to the cinema, Ralph Lauren brought cinema into fashion. And this is peaceful we believe. But the two also reveal great affinities: “Both are on the throne of their empire and they own it and this is rare in fashion – says Susan Lacy – besides both are two great tailors”.

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Naples between culture and museums


If you are planning a trip dedicated to culture and good food, Naples is certainly the destination for you; after a first gastronomic tour of which we recommend the stages here, and after the visit of the Capodimonte Museum, the destinations not to be missed are these and we tell them to you with the heart:

San Severo Chapel Museum 

Neapolitan incarnation of Dr. Faust, Prince Raimondo di Sangro is certainly to be counted as the son of mysterious Naples. Grand Master mason, writer, alchemist, inventor, devout and curious scholar, the figure of Raimondo di Sangro is hovered by legends fueled by himself. Eccentric personality and intellectual Enlightenment, the prince dedicates himself to “anatomical machines”, a testimony kept in the chapel of San Severo: two skeletons (a man and a woman) that reproduce in detail the arteriovenous system, created in the mid-eighteenth century by Giuseppe Palermo, a doctor from Palermo. The prince would have obtained the metalization of blood vessels thanks to the injection of mercury, found diabolical that leaves rumors of an alleged implementation when the two bodies were still alive. In reality, the exemplary reconstruction is due to the use of beeswax and dyes.Neapolitan incarnation of Dr. Faust, Prince Raimondo di Sangro is certainly to be counted as the son of mysterious Naples. Grand Master mason, writer, alchemist, inventor, devout and curious scholar, the figure of Raimondo di Sangro is hovered by legends fueled by himself. 

Star of the Chapel of San Severo, the “Veiled Christ” by Giuseppe Sanmartino, a marble work dated 1753, commissioned by the Prince Raimondo di Sangro, who puts his hand on the umpteenth legend around the sculptural masterpiece. Followed by the fame of a well-known alchemist, the prince would have taught the sculptor the calcification of the fabric in marble crystals, it was believed then that the incredible transparency of the shroud was the result of an alchemical marbling process; subsequent studies have instead confirmed that the work was carved from a single block of marble. The illusion of that lightness and the intangibility of the fabric, made Antonio Canova fall in love that he declared:

“I would be willing to give ten years of my life just to be the author of this similar wonder”.

Napoli, Cappella Sansevero

Royal Palace of Naples

Dwelling of the Bourbon dynasty from 1734 to 1861, the Royal Palace of Naples is a symbol of the magnificence and beauty of an unparalleled Italian heritage. Located on the beautiful Piazza del Plebiscito, it contains within it a grand staircase defined by Montesquieu as the most beautiful in Europe.

The monumental staircase was designed by the architect Gaetano Genovese during the renovation of the building after the fire of 1837 and completed by Francesco Gavaudan in 1858. It preserves the ancient piperno staircase, built by Francesco Antonio Picchiatti at the time of the viceroy count of Onate between 1651 and 1666.

The walls are covered with pink marble: portovenere, Trapani lumachino, mondragone, red of Vitulano, breccia rosata of Sicily, on a base of breccia from Gargano. They are alternated with Carrara marble bas-reliefs, with ornaments and figures: on the right “The victory between the genius of fame and Value”, by Salvatore Irdi; on the left “The glory among the symbols of Justice, War, Science, Art and Industry”, by Francesco Liberti.

On the sides, there are four niches with monumental plaster sculptures: the Fortress of Antonio Calì and the Justice of Gennaro Calì; the Clemenza by Tito Angelini and the Prudence by Tommaso Scolari. The pavilion vault is decorated with white stuccoes on a white-gray background, with coats of arms of the kingdom of Naples and Sicily.

The First Anteroom of the Palace is dominated by Baroque ceiling, the doors are large decorated pictures, painted in tempera on a gold background and date back to 1774; the Throne Room, from the Empire style and Napoleonic furnishings, presents an imperious seat destined for authority and dates back to the XVIII century, the eagle resting on it is of the Savoy era.

Interesting and bizarre is the Retrostanza with nineteenth-century Neapolitan furniture, in neo-baroque style where the protagonist is the rotating lectern of the library of Queen Maria Carolina (1791), a piece of curious machinery, prototype of the monastic libraries, which allows consulting several volumes simultaneously on the tops of the wall units using a crank.

Made on the occasion of the wedding between Ferdinand I and Maria Carolina of Habsburg-Lorraine, the very velvety “court theater”, where he takes the gold of the stage and stuccoes and the purple-red of the hall.

Gambrinus coffee

He is a member of the Cultural Association of Historical Places of Italy, the “sciantose” gathered before a concert at his tables to sip the historic coffee, the “always on a diet” Princess Sissi ordered the delicate violet ice cream, the curious nobility Neapolitan outlined its contours as a literary salon, and great artists and writers such as Wilde, Sartre and D’Annunzio let themselves be inspired by the opposite beauty of the Royal Palace and Piazza Plebiscito: it is the Gran Caffe Gambrinus of Naples. An elegant café from the end of the 19th century, the Gambrinus welcomes you with a marvelous poem by the Marquis Antonio Griffo Focas Flavio Angelo Ducas Comneno Porfirogenito Gagliardi De Curtis of Byzantium [2] (briefly Antonio de Curtis), known as the great comedian Toto’:


‘A sera quanno ‘o sole 

se nne trase 

e dà ‘a cunzegna a luna

p’ ‘a nuttata,

Ile dice dinto ‘a recchia 

“I’ vaco ‘a casa:


tutt’ ‘e nnamurate”.

Bourbon Gallery

Of all the Naples Underground routes, the most complete is certainly that of the “Bourbon Gallery”. Prepared staff and member of the Association of volunteers (I was accompanied to the group led by Gianluca Lamon) will take you below the city level up to 40 meters deep, bring a sweater with you even in summer because the temperature drops and it’s quite wet; the tunnel dug by hand with chisel, picks and hammers, was built in 1853 under the direction of King Ferdinand II of Bourbon, in order to create a haven in case of danger during the revolutionary uprisings of 1848. During the Second World War, the former cisterns were used as a wartime shelter for the citizens, who took refuge in these underground stone streets during the German bombings. Today it is possible to see the various historical finds including pitali, potties, baby carriages, games and the first coffee makers, because the true Neapolitan, to relive the moments of serious difficulty and anxiety, could not renounce the coffee ritual, as if the magic propitiatory action was amulet against misfortunes, panacea for all ills, convivial meeting and the fraternal embrace of those who live the same misery. But it was an anomalous coffee, made of chicory and chickpeas, which recalled only the color of coffee.

After the war, the gallery became a Municipal Judicial Deposit, pieces of taxis and seized motorbikes form a strange puzzle, a means of transporting the new work invented by the brilliant Neapolitan who is not sitting on his hands: the ice transporter. A small cart tied to a scooter with a saddle is the medium of Neapolitan intelligence.

You can choose the type of route, from standard to adventure, it is really worth going into the darkness of the stone caves that will force you to pass along the wall, with only a torch and lots of courage, but always in the company of your tour guide!

Just in Naples, during the cleaning of the cave and of the cisterns, an inscription on the walls carried a name that belonged to an elderly Neapolitan gentleman, called to retrace that descent after 70 years. The men who accompanied him tell us that the man was looking upwards for his writing, forgetting his stature as a child and that he stopped his gaze at the memory of those objects found, with tears of pain in his eyes.

The path of the Borbonic Gallery is not only passage in the meanders of history, but it is a very hard path towards the depth of one’s conscience.

Caffè Libreria Berisio

Should I imagine a magnetic, magical way in which I would like to walk night and day, it would have 90% bookshops and 10% pastry shops. In Naples it exists, but alas each of these shops has closed, failed, disappeared in the destruction of the intellect, in the darkness of a country that evidently loves culture, which bears the stamp of Luciano De Crescenzo, Antonio De Curtis and the great Neapolitan intellectuals, but that times have made them dark, making them fail. Only one has resisted, turning then into a trendy place, a place where you can enjoy excellent drinks, with the noble goal of selling also unique pieces, vintage books, little gems, leafing through them between a chat with friends and the other. Fascinating setting, a predominance of reds, speak easy lights, shelves that touch the ceiling, grand pianos lit by old-fashioned lamps, a unique place to have an aperitif before dinner, then strolling along the closed windows with the rusty signs but still worthy of their presence, and end up under the statue of Dante who watches, perhaps a little saddened.

Mercato di Pugliano, Ercolano

If you are a fashion addict and you love vintage, the reason that will take you to this place every weekend available to you is the Pugliano market! A destination for stylists who come from all over the world and a place of worship for cinema and TV costume designers, the Mercato di Pugliano offers period costumes, signed vintage, 80s denim, a vast selection of used and sought-after furs, bags in crocodile 40s at very affordable prices. You will be called in a loud voice by local merchants, who once used to sell their goods on stalls, while now they cram it in small shops where you will have to rummage, patience in hand, but you will be more than satisfied because the deal, if you know how to treat, it’s around the corner!

A tip: leave home with an empty suitcase.

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Getting married in Umbria: the best destinations

Umbria, with its castles, has fascinated for centuries: nobles, intellectuals and of course tourists from all over the world. Writers of old Europe found refuge to be able to enjoy peace, serenity and creativity to write new pages of literature.

Among these, Lord Byron, the English romantic poet, known for his adventurous and stormy love life, undertook a long journey in Italy in 1816. It was above all the landscape of Umbria, the green heart of the country that caught his attention. Wonders like Lake Trasimeno, the Clitunno springs and the Marmore waterfalls enchanted his senses and captivated his imagination.

Now, in addition to the traditional cuisine and their black truffle, of which they are the undisputed homeland, they are also the enchanting locations with their esteemed estates. Among these, we can see the Petrata Castle, an ancient fortress of the XIV century. expertly restored, with a unique view of Assisi and Perugia.

The enchanting village of Castello di Gallano, where the fun cooking classes are set, allowing you to learn how to make delicious potato gnocchi according to the castle’s secret recipe. The Tenuta di San Masseo, immersed in a park of 20,000 square meters that integrates beautiful art and design elements.

A unique and exclusive environment in which enjoy an incredible view, the magical scenery of the city of Assisi within an oasis of absolute spiritual relaxation, in direct contact with nature and the territory. And finally, the twelfth-century Castle of Ramazzano, restored several times over the centuries, offers various frescoed rooms and preserves a precious wall development, Guelph crenelated with a square tower.

The property belongs to an Apulian DOC family, which retains all the essence of the territory and adds Umbrian-Apulian cuisine commanded by Ms. Angela Aliani, Americans are at home here. In short, all these are the real new “wedding destinations” of luxury that bring customers from all over the world, and this is well known by Daniela Corti, in fact, with the new edition of “The Italian Wedding Stars” to be held on the 29th November in Rome she will also award the location.

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Style and travel tips: Cape Town

Are you looking for groundbreaking things to do in Cape Town? Take a break from your metropolis. Few cities offer museums and beaches and different types of shops such as the capital of South Africa.

A fusion of African and Western Aesthetics, fabrics, leather and other materials, gems and precious stones, tributes to the incomparable local cultures. Shopping in Cape Town is an interesting selection in the form of fabrics, leather and other materials. The capital also hosts large international brands and convenient malls where you can enjoy the view of breathtaking bays behind large windows in colorful or minimal stores of both emerging and international brands, boutiques in iconic neighborhoods such as Long, Bree and Kloof.

The V&A Waterfront is the most visited shop that combines a five-segment design, a port opposite the Table mountain. Various activities in and outdoor. What is it? Market, book a trip by helicopter. For shopping (which never hurts on vacation) purchased from “Millionaire’s Mile”. Kat van Duinen is a luxury spot with a vast selection of exquisitely manufactured exotic hint dresses. Quintessential is the production of ethical feathers (such as ostrich and materials such as python) that we find on the bamboo handbag handles.

In other words, cheaper versions of Gucci’s Bamboo. 2Bop is a streetwear brand inspired by arcade video game machines that marked the Nineties in South Africa. The name comes from the slang used to insert the coin needed to start the game. Do not miss the surprises in this metropolis with a wild soul. Exorbitant ticket apart, don’t you already feel like going on an adventure?

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The Gentleman Watch according to Tissot

Tissot, the watch brand that represents the modern gentleman, presented a new capsule collection of watches for an exclusive event at Terrazza Martini in Milan. A unique event attended by modern men, lovers of the bien vivre who were able to preview the new collection with iconic pieces, such as the “Tissot Gentleman”.

Dedicated to elegant and contemporary men, the “Tissot Gentleman” is refined in detail, making the brand a trademark and leader in fine watchmaking: steel, 40 mm diameter, ring of applied indexes, rounded, satin and burnished, enhanced by faceted Dauphine hands and coated with a luminescent white material; date window at 3 o’clock which reveals the subtle elegance of the dial; a very thin second hand that allows you to read the time accurately.

Available in six versions, the “Tissot Gentleman” is refined and sober at the same time, it is the versatile watch par excellence because it is perfect for the casual style of the weekend or “business” for the days of business meetings. Inspired by his predecessor from the 1960s but reinterpreted in a trendy way, the “Tissot Gentleman” has an exceptional caliber, the famous Powermatic 80 in the version with silicon balance spring, a spring that guarantees the timepiece greater longevity, a more precise operation and greater resistance to magnetic fields, with 80 hour reserve.

At MANINTOWN we have attended the event with our two ambassadors, Nicolò Zaffarano, style coach and personal shopper, passionate about watches, and Giorgio Giangiulio, style storyteller (as he likes to define himself) as well as an authoritative amateur of the watch world. Two young men who have cultivated an innate sense of elegance and who have interpreted the style of the “Tissot Gentleman” with their aesthetic.

And as Giangiulio himself says: “The true weapon of a gentleman is his elegance. And Tissot has embraced this philosophy with great skill and ability, marking modern times with a collection that accompanies the gentleman with style in everyday challenges. I was very impressed by the “Powermatic 80” with a self-winding movement, a 40mm steel case and a blue dial. A versatile and refined watch that I’ve immediately felt mine, in total agreement with what I look for when wearing a watch: quality and discreet beauty. 

According to Nicolò instead “It is an honor to represent Tissot, a centenary brand that makes quality and elegance its strengths. The piece of the collection that struck me the most is “the Gentleman” in steel with a blue dial because it fits perfectly both under the cuff of the shirt with an elegant dress and with a polo shirt in his spare time. The event in Terrazza Martini confirmed the originality of the brand, a presentation from the Italian tasting, excellent drinks and casino theme, vices and pastimes of the modern gentleman!” 

And the Terrazza Martini, with a view of the pulsating heart of Milan, could only be the most suitable location to present the Tissot Gentleman calibers.

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