S&X By Rankin: a fragrance that dares

S&X is an exciting collaboration between iconic photographer Rankin and award winning fragrance designer, Azzi Glasser created under her own label, The Perfumer’s Story by Azzi.

The perfume is the translation of images and perceptions: what Rankin manages to do with the lens, capture the essence in frames, Azzi can do it with the olfactory sense, by enclosing in a bottle the desire for something provocative, mysterious and exciting. “S&X is also naughty and humorous. I love it.” Said the talented Ph. S&X will be available globally with key retailers Net-A-Porter, Liberty, The Conran Shop, Fortnum and Mason and Harvey Nichols as well as www.theperfumersstory.com.


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Junya Watanabe launches a hyper-innovative trench

Combining fashion, design, eco-friendliness and functionality in the same item is not easy, but the Comme des Garcons alumnus, Junya Watanabe, the always eclectic and visionary designer, has succeeded perfectly: the trench coat he has designed has four small solar panels positioned on the back, two on the front and a special internal coating tool that allows you to recharge the battery of your mobile phone.
The aesthetics of the trench lack nothing in beauty or style but the functionality of the item remains its real trademark. The Watanabe coat is available from July 2016 also on the e-tailer ssense.com.

Images: Kenta Cobayashi


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Ámadāi (2015)

Politics, emotions, feminism, womanliness, strength and courage, meet and fight within her fantasies and her talent. Interview with SORAYA SHARGHI, Iranian artist living in San Francisco.

V :How would you describe your art making?
S: An important theme for my work over the years has continued to revolve around drawing myself as small, cartoonlike characters, reminiscent of my childhood. I create aggressive, “cute” characters that explore the tension I feel between religion and my understanding of the stereotypes associated with Muslim culture. In my artwork, I am playing with these two realities through humor. Exploring concept such as “Otherness”.

V: I find your work quite impressive, rich in expressiveness, the use of color you adopt is shocking, the subjects evoke strong emotional conditions and I see plenty of fine symbols, and dreamlike images tossed by your brush on canvasses….I see some of Jonas Wood, with more fantasticism, or Tom Wesselmann and some vague references to pop American art from the ’70. I see your characters like tenants of Kara Walker’s canvasses, like her cut-paper silhouettes, or the colors and texture from Wangechi Mutu……Do you often get inspired by other paintings?
S: Of course! Movies, books and other artists inspire me to make art. I love Kara Walker. I appreciate Wangechi Mutu. I learn from the beauty and ideas of others, and act for myself with open eyes. Among my favourite artists are Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Frida Kahlo, Yayoi Kusama, Laylah Ali, Mathew Barney, Katharina Grosse and Mike Kelley. Also, Barry McGee, Cindy Sherman, Shahzia Sikandar, James Turrell, Takashi Murakami and Paul McCarthy………!!!

V: Do you think that being an artist always implies a controversial and difficult process? Or is that a linear and spontaneous process?
S: It is always difficult, It has never been a linear process. You need to take risks and deal with whatever comes from those risks. Art has a huge power to affect people, the culture, and the world. It brings a lot of responsibility for the artist. As far as controversy, I think it depends on the definition of the art. So the controversy is the personal struggle to stay with their passion, despite pressure from family or society. The act of making art is everything. It is the most awesome challenge and rewards are great. Art itself is not always a struggle; the situation of life is struggle. You struggle to make your work done. As a young artist the struggle of needing money to transfer my ideas into art is the hardest part and it takes a lot of time. So it is not easy to be an artist.

V: How do you face the political situation of your country, Iran, as painter, sculptor, artist, woman…. as a communicator?
S: I moved out from my country one year and a half ago, I was 25. Concepts such as “Postcolonial Gaze” and “Otherness,” as Edward Said mentions in his book ORIENTALISM, have been subjects of my studies, and being deepened, changed, challenged, called me into play. Also, things are happening rapidly right now related to the nuclear deal between Iran and the world powers. In my country people got fear of war. The terrible perspective of a Third World War is lurking. We want Peace. I can’t stay in silence and shout my mouth. I talk through my art and making my art, as Iranian, as woman, as artist. I hope one day to see Peace in the World.

V: It seems you are in love with philosophy, and politics…. what kind of reading do you prioritize?
S: I like novelists such Kafka, philosophers like Walter Benjamin, Sigmund Freud, Heidegger, Lacan, Michel Foucault, Judith Butler, Edward Said, and Spivak. Right now, I am reading Joseph Campbell’s THE POWER OF MYTH: HEROES OF A THOUSAND FACES.

V: How does it feel to be in San Francisco?
S: It is great to have the chance to create my art and see other diverse people’s interpretations about my work in this very different socio-cultural context. Maybe this is my strength, in fact, I think sometimes those limitations brings more creativity now. It was really challenging to get here. But I am so glad to just be here, taking it all in.

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JCRT: the new adventure of Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra

Can you tell me how did you develop this project? How everything was born? Is it clearly related to the way you dressed, in a way to how people have always recognized…am I wrong?
Upon closing our womenswear brand, Costello Tagliapietra last year we decided to take some time to revaluate what we wanted to do and where we wanted to be. We had a couple of offers to creative direct for other brands when this opportunity presented itself. We met our partners and they asked us what would you like to do and our answer was immediately plaid shirts. We both come from families of tailors and because of this we are just as in love with process as we are with design. We both wear plaid all the time, we even met wearing it and we love the history of plaid and the opportunity of bringing it into the future.

How did it come the idea to relate colours and type of shirt to old records?
We have a very large vinyl collection and we both enjoy finding record shops when we travel-spending hours flipping through records and discovering a record we have searched for years. There is magic to those album covers that we wanted to capture in these shirts. There is also something beautiful about picking up a shirt and having that emotional connection to it and the knowledge of that throughout your day. These shirts transport us to the first time we picked up those albums and turned them around in our hands and that is something we hope others will feel as well.

And why an e-commerce?
Cutting out the stores allows us to sell things at the cost of what we used to sell to those stores. We are able to give our customer a 125 dollar shirt that might costs anywhere between 250 and 550 at retail by cutting this middle man out. We did not want to make sacrifices in fabric or construction- each of our shirts is hand cut individually and then sewn with care using top quality interfacing, buttons and fabrics. With JCRT we can also do these large scale plaids that if made traditionally would eat up upwards of seven yards of fabric in order to match fully… with a twelve dollar a yard fabric you are already close to our selling price with fabric alone! When selling at retail you are always worried about cutting corners in all of the above so that you can meet their needs rather than the customers, at JCRT it goes right from under the machine to the customer so there is never any cutting of corners!

How can you wear a check shirt in a contemporary way? With what you should wear them? And on which occasions?
A plaid shirt can be worn anywhere when paired with the right jacket, suit or pant. They all look great with chinos or jeans but they look equally great with a suit and tie. We really wanted to create a plaid shirt that felt like a dress shirt in terms of cut and finish so that you could be just as comfortable in the office as you would on the weekend.

A male adventure after so many years in the female fashion industry and something that, to me, is very personal..so…should we think that this adventure was also born from a delusion from the previous path?
We very much still love what we did and are very proud of what we accomplished. Our decision to shutter Costello Tagliapietra was determined more by the way the industry itself was working and where it was headed. We both are really inspired by process and craft which for us informs what and how we design. The industry’s need for a constant stream of products and its general lack of care for quality, made what we did a very difficult thing to achieve. It was also disheartening to see the industry rally around poorly crafted clothing when the brands we loved did not get the same credit.

Will you continue with some female proposals?
We will in fact be introducing more and more pieces over time. We see them as laying somewhere between what we did at Costello Tagliapietra and what we did with our collaborations with Uniqlo and Barneys Co-op.

When can a man be defined as elegant? What is elegance to you?
Elegance comes through when the person is confident and holds him or herself in a way that exudes that confidence. To us, the Italian term sprezzatura exemplifies this and is a much more modern way to show elegance.
Does the word luxury have still sense nowadays?
Luxury today has changed. I am not sure that I am qualified to really say what it has become but in the past it stood for a superior quality and craft. It was something more than just trend, it was a heirloom from the onset and it was a way of life. Luxury stood for something aspirational not because a reality star wore it, but because it was something to cherish and love.
What must not be missing in a male wardrobe?
Of course plaid shirts!
Plans and dreams for the future?
We are really excited to see JCRT grow, to offer new products including pants and outerwear, and to realize the full potential of this brand.


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Perceptive Variations: do not miss the exhibition in Milan

Photo by Jill Schweber

In front of the multiplicity of existence, we can not help but ask ourselves an important question: what does it mean “I” today?
Perceptive Variations, the second photo exhibition of the project THIS IS ME NOT BEING YOU – TIMNBY, curated by Micaela Flenda in collaboration with The Candy Box, Studio modulo and Graficartiere, investigates how the contemporary world, technology and the social media have created new human beings, bodies, icons, fictitious gods, which contain in themselves the esoteric need for collective identification. The fierce desire for identity is back urgent and necessary and the collective exhibition,m composed of 8 international authors: Linda Brownlee, Cristina Coral, Can Dagarlsani, Parker Day, Polly Penrose, Katrin Olafs, Camille Rouzaud and Jill Schweber, beautifully demonstrates it.
Perceptive variations awaits you at the opening on Wednesday 23 November from 18.30 to 21.00.

From 23 to 26 November 2016
via Circo, 1 Milan
Opening 23 November, 06.30 pm – 09.00 18.30 pm

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Spring Series: the challenge signed by Issey Miyake

Homme Plissé by Issey Miyake rediscovers the charm of Japanese erotic prints Shunga and of Ukiyo-e style, very popular during the Edo period (1603-1867) and it takes inspiration from the provocative, irreverent graphics of this movement, in order to print them over coats, kimonos and t-shirts, by giving the male look a highly iconic and ironic accent. Not only in the lines, but also in the graphics with an emphasis on the different forms of erotism, you can find the smart playfulness, typical of Miyake, and a will to surprise, starting from the reality, the truth: a sort of artistic movement, that has been often subject of exhibitions (like that in the British Museum in 2013) and that has involved famous international painters and artists.


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Eleventy presents its S/S 17 campaign

For its SS 2017 menswear and womenswear campaign, Eleventy chooses the set of Henraux’s Cervaiole quarry, located on the spurs of Monte Altissimo in Tuscany. The quarry, which was explored by Michelangelo Buonarroti in 1517, has become over the years a destination for international artists. Its choice was motivated by the wish to promote the locations and specializations that express Italian values abroad. A choice suggested by the will to promote the locations and specializations that express the Italian value abroad: 78 coloured pictures by Stefano Guindani portray the models who “come to the surface” of the marble walls and reveal the refined elegance of the new Eleventy’s menswear and womenswear collections, being suspended in the moonscape of the quarry. The new campaign is accompanied by a short movie shot by Andrea Piu, under the creative direction of Andrea Mauro, with music by Andrea Yazee Production, created for the occasion.

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Stella Mc Cartney launches its first menswear collection between functionality and sustainability

For its first menswear collection, Stella Mc Cartney got inspiration from the iconic art and the subcultures of different periods: the classic models of clothes maintain the traditional menswear’s shades, but they are also revisited with a vintage twist and with modern details and materials, by creating comfortable items with unexpected proportions. This new line declines the quintessential British style, combined with functionality and aesthetic twist, both for formal dress and sporty items. The link among all the proposals consists in the use of eco-friendly materials, according to a precise ethical choice of the brand: from the sneakers made of organic cotton and recycled nylon to the travel bags in eco-friendly nylon, even the event has been organized under the sign of sustainability.


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Sport, with style – Collaborations not to be missed

In collaboration with Orsola Amadeo

A sporty look will always be cool, but this time around it comes an extra touch. A unique mix of contrasting and harmonious flavours results from the coexistence of sportswear and fashion. That’s how a really unique item can be created, with both technical and stylish elements; simply starting from a shoe, a sweater or a bomber jacket. MANINTOWN has hand-picked for you some of the coolest and up-to-date collaborations.

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ETQ Amsterdam: Class Shoes

ETQ was founded in 2010 in Amsterdam, driven by the idea of eliminating the superfluous and focus solely on the quality and design of the products themselves. Today, these principles have evolved in a selected range of hand-made luxury shoes, accessories for men and a flagship store that perfectly represents the minimal concept of the brand.
ETQ Amsterdam only works with premium leather: every single piece of footwear plays with textures and materials in a perfect eclecticism. The FW16 collection incorporates monochrome gray, blue and white, with warm brown and nude shades that add movement of unexpected color but well managed. The collection also includes two new models: the low 4 and 5. These additions, long-awaited, refletc the evolution of the brand: a sober and original mix, shoes with a round shape and clean, minimalist style, and at the same time sophisticated.
The collection will have a unique pop-up in the prestigious department store Liberty of London and special collaborations with Barneys New York, END and SSENSE.


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Moncler continues its path of support for creative lever of the younger generation that has always been one of the cardinal points of the particular philosophy of the brand, that this time arrives in London with Moncler Freeze for Frieze. A project organized in collaboration with a prestigious cultural and educational institution such as the Royal College of Art.
Moncler Freeze for Frieze was held from 7th to 9th of October 2016 in the new flagship store Moncler in Old Bond Street 26 and has served to raise funds in full support of two very talented and deserving students during an entire year course of study of specialization in Fashion & Textile, at the Royal College of Art.
Moncler has asked artists, fashion designers, iconic universe of culture, music, global design and friends of the Maison, chosen as representatives of different areas, but also by involving pupils and next to the diploma of London school, to donate their art-work to be exhibited for the first time in an external space out of the College.
The works, about 400, all in post-card format, and signed only on the back, have been sold at one price of £ 60 each., at the opening event of the flagship store on October during London Frieze 2016.
Guest- curator of the project is been the renowned journalist Tim Blanks. A special selection of post-card has been sold exclusively through the e-commerce of the Maison moncler.com and the proceeds were donated to the Royal College of Art.


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Holiday Magazine for South Corea

Holiday, the bi- annual publication written in English but based in Paris, a real editorial must of the ’60s, founded in the United States and known for the extreme care of the photographs, the covers and the reports from the world made by recall journalists, on the piece, which told the reality without filters nor flattery, back today – thanks to the passion and support of the Parisian atelier Franck Durand – with a new look, while preserving the structural and stylistic cornerstones that have made the success of the magazine.
The new issue of Holiday is dedicated to South Korea: after Argentina, Holiday has chosen to dedicate its pages to the wonders of this mysterious and in many ways contradictory country. While photographers Nigel Shafran, Jamie Hawkesworth Karim Sadli, Annemarieke Van Drimmelen, Robi Rodriguez, Joseph Szabou and Park Hyung-sik Kim lend their precious eyes to the wonders of this land, the director Park Chan-Wook told everyday scenes, the poet Lee San-Ha He delves into the long history of Buddhist temples and Arthur Dreyfus writer testifies to his nice outing in a country full of strangeness. All this under the blessing of the wonderful Isabelle Huppert, who confides the author François-Henri Désérable and tells about a divided country, equal parts between despair and beauty


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David Sims photographed in NY the 2016 Fall / Winter campaign for Theory, the brand founded in 1997 by Andrew Rosen, who took part in the French actor Alain Delon Fabien as a new face of the brand.
Sims’ portraits show a continued evolution of the essential elements of the male wardrobe, like coats, practical and dynamic for a man who travels, moves through city traffic or in the waiting rooms of the airports. The fascinating play of light and shadows of the photographer further reinforce the idea of timeless; functional design of the garments give Delon a look of worldly sophistication and frame an elegant and pure collection.


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In line with Ben Sherman’s heritage and embracing the ever-evolving look of man2.0, the Ben Sherman Autumn-Winter 2016 collection is inspired by the unique style of the history of London. Subcultures and prominent icons of the past five decades are the DNA of all four corners of the city with their spirit and individuality that unites them. Each item in the collection reflects and modernizes an iconic period of British Style including Teddy Boy Blues, Punk Pinstripe, West End and East End Legends mod. The different eras highlight the modernization and Sherman allow man to wear what best represents him. A mixture of traditional fabrics tailored, broken pinstripes, inspirations’ 60s, paisley prints and British mod merge into a wide range of colors of the winter palette.

Creative Director: Deborah S. Moses
Photographer: An Le
Stylist: Christopher Campbell
Models: Linus Wordemann, Ivan Kozak, Reid Rohling, Mia Stass


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NEW BALANCE presents the reenginereed MRT580

For the FW16 New Balance relaunches one of its iconic models – the MRT580 – reinterpreting it with a precious Jacquard processing. The 580 model, the five star street-sneaker of New Balance, is revived in a futuristic and made one of the strongest trends of the coming season: the Jacquard technique – a process that involves the use of a very high frame precision able to achieve very complex patterns weaving the threads one by one, and creating textures and patterns absolutely unique. The classic ‘N’ logo in white stands out even more nuanced effect of the upper and invokes the full white of light and technological sole REVLite.

Price: 130 €


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Aeronautica Militare presents the F/W 16-17 collection

The Aeronautica Militare Man FW 16/17 collection combines sportswear and contemporary design. It ‘s a collection where tradition and innovation blend while maintaining the right proportions, capable of transmitting energy and enthusiasm to the wearer.
The FW look book was realized in Military Airport Istrana (Treviso), Italian Military Air Force base where the headquarters of the 51 Squadron.
The FW collection is on sale in the only official e-commerce Aeronautica Militare: www.aeronauticamilitareofficialstore.it

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British Rock

Rock isn’t died. Luckily. We all know The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Clash and The Who, but now we need to keep an eye on The Slydigs: a young British band of real friends that comes from Warrington, a small city in the middle of the UK, between Manchester and Liverpool, where the accent is stronger and the slang widely used.
This group has been created on the roots of the English industrial desperation and only the love for music could have saved four classmates, inspired by the big rock’s, the blues’ and the folk’s notes. We met them before they opened The Who’s concert in Milan, where they have demonstrated they can manage a big stage and a demanding public. Here comes our interview, that seems more a talk among friends in front of a beer.
“Our inspiration comes, first of all, from big names of ‘60s and ‘70s rock and we start from here” says Dean (guitar player and voice), behind his dark RayBan, “But we have also other reference points overseas, like the Kings of Leon, especially for our first songs, or Jack White and we follow a lot the European band Artic Monkeys” concludes Ben (bass player and second voice). As in the story of rock, the texts of the Slydigs tell some stories, describe lives: Louis (guitar player and voice) and Dean are those who write the songs and then, all together, the group finds the better version of each song.
The recipe of the band is made of some psychedelic accents, a lot of rhythm, blues’ tones and a slight folk intonation. “If you listen carefully, you can hear a little trace of folk, barely hidden, it’s exactly our character”, confirms Louis. They are extremely careful about the connection with their public, they know well that now artists must be connected online and must be real, for this reason their Facebook page is always updated and they personally manage it: “When our fans come to our concerts, they think they already know us, they want to see the artists they virtually talked with. It is important to be online, and we like it very much, we don’t fell obliged!”.
Their style, from their clothes to their accessories, is mostly British, but there are also some country elements, for example on Peter (the drummer). “The image you give to the outside is very important. As an artist, you have to give to people something to believe in, not only music. Each of us has his own style, the important thing is that everyone feels comfortable and at ease” says Dean, and Ben ironically adds “We can’t make cool music on the radio and then people come to our concerts and discover that we haven’t style… we would make all laugh, don’t we?”.
Also for this reason they feel even more honoured and thrilled to be chosen for the second time by The Who as the opening band. “It’s one of the bands that inspire us, they were, and are, a symbol, not only for the music they wrote, but also for the message and the image they send to people” insists Louis. The phrase of Ben, that made all laugh, is enough to explain the spontaneity and the authenticity of this band: “Playing before them is simply fucking monumental!”.


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G-SHOCK: MRG TONE HAMMER: a fine limited edition


The MR-G collection of G-SHOCK turns 20 and celebrates its anniversary with an exclusive limited edition in collaboration with Bihou Asano, third-generation Japanese master craftsman.

Using the traditional Japanese technique Tsuiki for metalworking, Casio has designed the new MRG Hammer Tone limited edition, with only three hundred clocks available worldwide.

Tsuiki is a technique through which a sheet of metal is hammered so becomes thinner, assuming a three-dimensional shape. Historically, this method has been used for the production of copper objects, metal containers, armor and helmets that were to be both thin and strong.

The last evolution of MRG-G1000 model, mix of “majesty” (majesty) and “reality” (reality), is the perfect union between the Kyoto crafts than 1200 years ago and the excellence of the MRG series.


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For the third consecutive year, in 2016 Triumph Motorcycles will encourage riders from around the world to wear their dress more elegant and take to the streets riding a classic motorcycle in demonstration of its support for Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride as Global Sponsor: a unique charity motorcycle event.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride was born in 2012 as a celebration of the art of elegance and style of classic bikes. Dedicated to raising funds to support the fight against prostate cancer, the 2016 edition will be held Sunday, September 25.

In September 2016, with the support of Triumph Motorcycles, the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride aims to get 50,000 participants who take part in the event in more than 500 cities in 90 countries in the world.


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New York is the location chosen by Roy Roger’s for the new FW 16/17 campaign starring the Russian model Vita Sidorkina Life Isaac Carew, british model-chef.

The images in black / white translate the codes of denim, telling a metropolitan and sophisticated mood: “It ‘a campaign that expresses the personality of the person wearing the jeans through the essentiality” explains Guido Biondi, Creative Director of Sevenbell Group.

The Ph. Philip Gay captures the precious soul of the collection declining it in a series of shots where the item is the protagonist.


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PAUL & SHARK: The Fall / Winter 2016-2017


Paul & Shark presents new campaign by Italian photographer Giampaolo Vimercati.

Shooted in the unique setting of the Dolomites in South Tyrol, the campaign consists of three different subjects, emotional images that perfectly capture the unusual details of moving characters.

The fall / winter 2016-2017 collection is of course the main protagonist: from Arctic Heat coat, made with the exclusive treatment waterproof Typhoon 20000 and features an innovative heating system inserted in the head, the blouson cashmere and rabbit who plays so sophisticated contemporary style of the brand, finally passing through the classic field nylon jacket revised in the hottest mustard color.


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Rockstud Untitled: Valentino Man rediscovers the charm of imperfection

Wabi-sabi is the Japanese philosophy of perfect imperfection, the idea that nothing lasts, nothing is finished, nothing is perfect. Using as inspiration of the Japanese technique of kintsugi, which suggests to repair the broken ceramic objects with gold dust, with the intention that from a flaw can derive a higher form of aesthetic and inner perfection, Valentino raises the Rockstud Untitled project, a capsules unisex collection of classic distilled to the essence and reread through the savoir -faire of the historic maison. A craftsmaship in a key rough, where studs are the real binder: twelve constituent elements of the perfect man wardrobe – the white shirt to peacoat blue, beige trench coat with jeans, gray T-shirt from the camel coat, from crewneck to the white sneaker – which part has been removed and then repaired using golden studs instead of stitching. The tension between industrial and craft, between series and uniqueness characterizes the project and makes it unique in the contemporary fashion scene. Each garment is identified by a serial number from 1 to 12, stamped on the white canvas bag that contains it. It seems almost anonymous but when worn, reveals signs of a customization from synthetic, authentic and well defined touch: traces of a life potential, intimate, and a human imperfection, internalized as the sign of beauty that distinguishes us.
In the Man FW 16/17 fashion show, the capsule evolves in Noir- rutheium studs version and black contaminate the most cattle men rtw and accessories – Open sneaker and clutch.
Especially the ruthenium studs for the clutch become all-around and even the ad hoc packaging becomes a noir intense version.
In the “Native” details, leather is inlaid with a precise technique, each geometric detail is hand-painted, is treated with the same attention as the all: because the detail reveals the essence of each man.


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Maserati Polo Tour 2016: the spectacular closure at the Beijing’s “China Open”


It ends with an exciting match at the prestigious Tang Polo Club in Beijing, China, the 2016 edition of the Maserati Polo Tour, which took place during the year on six polo fields among the most prestigious in the world. The Polo ‘China Open’ 2016 tournament attracted many of the best polo players globally and has offered to the guests of the event the opportunity to experience the exclusive Maserati cars.

The atmosphere of the event was further enhanced by exposure of the cars of the Trident house and their parade during the celebration phase of the event, involving both car enthusiasts both fans present. Maserati has exhibited for the occasion two models presented in the course of 2016, including the new Quattroporte – and additional versions GranLusso and GranSport, with a redesign of the exterior, interior and innovative technological equipment – and the new Levante SUV, both available with the petrol engine built by Ferrari to Maserati and with diesel engines.


www. lamartina.com

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Back in town with blue

It’s time to say ‘goodbye’ to the sea, the beach and relax. We all need  to being welcomed into the city with its routine and its frenzy.

And why don’t do it with a touch of blue or indeed of turquoise?  Blue, together with yellow and red, one of the three primary colors, was considered the color of introspection and infinite in Ancient Egypt; that’s why, to start great, we recommend you to allow yourself five-minutes more on holidays, at least with your mind, and have a look at the season’s new items declined in all the many shades of blue

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The Tuscan hills frame the new campaign emblematic Siviglia Man FW 2016, which, accompanied by a light and nostalgic piano music, unveil the new collection of the Italian brand.

The simplicity of the location is synonymous with authenticity, as the Siviglia brand, offering innovative leaders not to mention the high quality of Made in Italy, which is presented in the new campaign video, not just as class features of the head, but also as a style of life, of thought and origin of things.

The black and white it is a wise formal choice, which transports the viewer into a world gone by, in which authenticity and tradition are among the key themes of the brand. The colors of your photo also reveal the nuances of the collection, which reflect the elegance and timeless style man Siviglia. The video is produced by a team of young Italians living abroad, which gives it an international flavor.


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SIFEST: in Savignano Sul Rubicone a ph.festival all over … to look

From September 9 to 11, don’t miss the meeting in Savignano sul Rubicone with the twenty-fifth edition of SI Fest Savignano Images Festival, entitled “Alea iacta est. On the boundaries of photography. “

To celebrate the 25th anniversary, the SiFest offers a great calendar of exhibitions, workshops, awards, video-projections, happenings and performances: the exhibits are visible until September 25th and this year celebrate the famous American ph. Duane Michals, Danila Tkachenkom, Luigi Erba and many others.

In addition, the independent circuit SI Off Fest, dedicated to emerging authors and visual arts, explores the linguistic contamination process that is the basis of contemporary artistic culture and will celebrate the theme with installations and events at the Palazzo Don Baronio.

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Lo staff SIFEST25P_20160907_112856

Fragiacomo supports the Rotella’s Prize and Art film

Fragiacomo, historic brand of luxury accessories, supports the Mimmo Rotella Foundation Award which was presented on Sept 3rd and 4th, during the Venice International Film Festival.

The prize, awarded to James Franco for the film “In a dobious battle”, but also to the director Paolo Sorrentino and actor Jude Law for “The young priest” opera, it’s a work of Mimmo Rotella, and it wanted to reward films that symbolically continues the decollage artist’s investigation into the wonderful combination of visual arts and film.

The Italian fashion house, founded by Dante Fragiacomo in 1956, is the image of exclusivity of Italian products in the world: to celebrate the great Italian artist Mimmo Rotella, Federico and Massimo Pozzi Chiesa have personally awarded the winners delivering a prestigious accessory Fragiacomo in limited edition: iconic “luggage bag“, made of precious and exclusive leathers.

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massimo pozzi chiesa;federico pozzi chiesa
massimo pozzi chiesa;federico pozzi chiesa
massimo pozzi chiesa;ashley greene;federico pozzi chiesa
massimo pozzi chiesa;ashley greene;federico pozzi chiesa

NikeLab x Stone Island: a jacket that leaves its mark


The first “foray” of Nike in the athletic outerwear dates back to 1979, with the birth of Nike Windrunner.

Three years later, in Italy it arose Stone Island, clothing brand driven by a very strong push for innovation. Subverting the materials processing standards, the brand has introduced his jackets with extraordinary color shades, but think of technical garments for everyday life.

Individual and original expertise of the two companies will now merge in NikeLab x Stone Island Windrunner. Second stage of a fruitful collaboration, the jacket shows the common interest of Nike and Stone Island for innovation, and at the same time reveals a new reality: the combined expertise of the craftsman, artist, engineer and the manufacturer, which in the past met rarely, are the real key to evolution.

The NikeLab x Stone Island is available from 8 September on nike.com and in selected NikeLab stores.


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La Femme and L’Homme Prada: the film campaign directed by Steven Meisel

The new Prada’s film campaign, which launches alongside the two fragrances Homme and Femme by the famed Milan brand, is directed by filmmaker Steven Meisel and sees the participation of the actors Mia Goth, Mia Wasikowska, Dane DeHaan and Ansel Elgort, interacting in suggestive scenes in a play of light and visual sophistication which characterize the Prada’s fragrances metaphor, or the constant challenge to the male and female identity conventions.

The short film is accompanied by the music of Perfume Genius, eclectic and experimental artist, which has re-arranged for the occasion aversion of Can not Help Falling in Love With You, the famous ballad by Elvis Presley of 1961.

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ODLO celebrates 70 years with an exclusive collection

Inspired by the history and the origin of the brand, Odlo is celebrating 70 years in business with an outstanding collection. 70 years of innovation are combined with a modern style in a collection that more than any other shows the brand’s strengths: functionality, quality, uniqueness and timeless style.

The continuity of the black in the collection 70 Years is interrupted by the colors of the Norwegian flag and golden logo. In all products can be found one of the technologies key of Odlo, the ribbed structure.

This small exclusive collection consists of a selection of products that best respond to all the requirements of winter sports. In the laundry industry it was presented a novelty with the new fullzip Hoody Evolution Warm.

Even the jacket Endurban 2.0 race combines style and innovative technology as well as the padded jacket Fab Cocoon presenting details designed specifically for skiing, as an integrated reflector Recco and a pocket for the ski pass on sleeve.

The collection 70 Years is completed and finished from soft and comfortable casual clothes, such as Squamish Hoody, classic shirts, proven quality Originals linens and hats, headbands and socks.


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